Nokia style smartphones with Android get closer with Newkia


Finnish smartphone manufacturer has long had fans of its hardware but many of these left for pastures new due to the limitations of the aging Symbian OS, and also wasn’t tempted back with the new partnership with Windows Phone. Now despite the takeover by Microsoft a Nokia style smartphone with Android gets closer with Newkia.

After months of rumours and denials Microsoft recently announced the deal which will see it take over Nokia, which will surely put to bed any hopes of ever seeing Android running on a Nokia made handset.

All may not be lost though as former Asia-Pacific CEO of Nokia has formed a new company that is being called Newkia, and the plan is to have Nokia style handsets that will be available running the Android OS. Thomas Zilliacus the man responsible for the new company already has some former Nokia executives on his team, and is looking to snap up some more Nokia talent in the future.

The team of executives already on board according to Zilliacus are considered ones that were not listened to during the Finnish company’s slide into the smartphone wilderness. Zilliacus spent 15 years as an employee of Nokia with seven of those where he was the CEO of the Asia-Pacific arm of the company before leaving in 1993.

Last year he tried to buyout the company with the aim to provide Nokia hardware on the Android platform, and while the newly formed company is based in Singapore there are plans for the R&D team to be based in Finland.

Plans are for the first handset to be available within the first year but it remains to be seen how successful a new company can be in an already crowded and competitive market, but even now there are a lot of consumers that pine for an Android based Nokia handset.

Do you think this new company will prove to be a success?

Source: ZDNet.


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