iPhone 5C vs Nokia Lumia 520 key specs


Yesterday Apple launched two new smartphones to the world with one of the devices being targeted towards customers that normally can’t afford to own an iPhone, and now we are looking at the iPhone 5C vs Nokia Lumia 520 with the key specs looked at.

This may seem a rather unfair comparison considering the much lower cost of the hugely popular Nokia Lumia 520, but Nokia UK took to its Twitter account yesterday and thanked Apple saying that imitation was the best form of flattery hinting at the variety of colours the iPhone 5C will be available in.

The Nokia Lumia 520 has a 4-inch IPS LCD display with resolution of 800 x 480 and 233ppi, which compares to the iPhone 5C that uses a 4-inch Retina display with 1136 x 640 resolution with 326ppi.

The iPhone 5C uses the Apple A6 dual core processor that is clocked at 1.3GHz along with 1GB of RAM, while the Lumia 520 has the 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8227 dual core processor with 512MB of RAM.

lumia 520 vs 5c

The Nokia has a 5-megapixel rear camera with autofocus and 720p video capture but no front facer, while the iPhone 5C features has an 8-megapixel iSight rear camera along with a 1.2-megapixel FaceTime shooter around the front.

Purchasers of the Nokia Lumia 520 get 8GB of internal storage that is expandable via microSD card while the iPhone 5C comes with either 16GB or 32GB storage options that isn’t expandable.

Size & Weight
The Nokia Lumia 520 measures in at 119.9mm x 64mm x 9.9mm and it weighs 124grams which compares to the iPhone that comes in at 124.4mm x 59.2mm x 8.97mm weighing 132grams.

Operating System
The new iPhone will launch running the iOS 7 operating system while the Nokia runs the Windows Phone 8 OS.

Obviously the Nokia Lumia 520 can be picked up for a lot less money than the iPhone 5C and we have already looked at the unlocked price of the so called more affordable handset from Apple for UK users.


18 thoughts on “iPhone 5C vs Nokia Lumia 520 key specs”

  1. sun_dog says:

    The 520 wins hands down from the perspective of features for price at $100-$130 in the US, versus $550 for the 5C. My Lumia 521 came up to around $140 with a 16GB microSD card.

    That being said, they’re not even in the same league, since the 5C is no budget smartphone at all. It’s basically last year’s tech (the iPhone 5), recased in plastic instead of the more expensive materials. You get a flash, front facing camera, longer battery life, better processor, more app support, but most definitely not a less expensive phone.

  2. huks says:

    This is not totally idiotic comparison like some people here suggest. It is actually a fair comparison. The writer’s aim it to compare what you get by buying the cheapest Nokia Lumia versus buying the cheapest iPhone.

    1. Farshad says:

      I think it is an unfair comparison as at iPhone 5c price range, you need to get that same price from Nokia range to see what that price gives you. on a 24 month contract in the US, you get Nokia 1020 for $199 which has 32GB, the 5c will give you 16GB at that price range! and 1020 is a far superior phone compared to 5c or 5s for that matter! Nokia does the dirt cheap phones too, but comparing them to iPhone is like comparing the cheapest car from Toyota, say Yaris to cheapest Porsche range! compare like with like dude! Celica vs Porsche yes, Yaris vs Porsche?!

      1. huks says:

        Seriously you guys have an issue understanding context. The author never stated he is comparing the same class of smartphones. You are over analyzing something so simple. I suggest you read the article again. There is nothing which says the author is comparing low, midrange or highend class of smartphones. He is just telling you the phone spec you get if you buy the cheapest Lumia 520 which you can buy for about $99 without contract versus the phone spec of the cheapest iPhone you can get for $199.99 with 2 yrs contract. Apple is targeting the low end segment of the smartphone market with iPhone 5c which is not inline with the price points.

  3. 520 says:

    Cheapest i phone!? Really how much does it cost here in ph?! 25,000+ and the lumia 520 cost like 7000+ look at the difference. Is that what you effin’ call CHEAP!? WHATEVESSSSSSS.

  4. fair fight says:

    And another thing atleast LUMIA IS THE FIRST ONE WHO HAD A VERY COLORFUL CASES. copycat! @,@ have a fair judgment if you want to recieve fair feedback!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. H says:

    The Nokia Lumia 520 is a great phone for what it costs (I know because I have one myself and I love it). The iPhone 5c costs a lot more and shouldn’t even be compared with the Lumia!!

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