Apple is losing its way according to poll results


Back in 2007 when the original iPhone model was released there wasn’t anything already available that could compete with the handset, which continued for a couple more years. Now the tide has turned with a number of companies bringing out desirable smartphones, and according to some poll results Apple is losing its way a little.

Earlier this week Apple showcased two new iPhone models to be added to its line up, but just like the last couple of years many watchers were unimpressed with the hardware on offer, and maybe were hoping for something that little bit different.

While sales of its devices continue to do well the recent unveiling even saw the company’s share price taking a bit of a dive. As Phone Arena are reporting this has led to many to wonder if Apple has lost its “mojo”, so decided to run a poll amongst its readers on the subject.

An overwhelming 89.4% of those that answered the question agreed and said that Apple needs something new and revolutionary, while 10.6% of voters felt that Apple still had excellent products.

The results are from over 4,500 respondents but the lack of innovation could be aimed at the industry as a whole in some cases. There is no doubting that the new iPhone models will sell really well especially when you consider that there will be a lot of owners with the likes of the iPhone 4S that are now entitled to an upgrade.

Many believe that we will have to wait until next year and the iPhone 6 release before we will see something really special from Apple, but we may now expect too much from new smartphones that are being launched and are being greedy.

Do you agree with these poll results?


6 thoughts on “Apple is losing its way according to poll results”

  1. jenslarsen says:

    No way. First with 64 bit processor, first with fingerprint reader, first with all LTE bands and a lot more. What do people expect a free flight to the moon. Get a life.

    1. learning2livelyf says:

      Motorola had a finger print scanner with the Atrix a couple years ago.
      Android been using LTE internationally and domestically for years now. 64-but processors have been around a long time in pcs and Macs. A smartphone is just another iteration of a computer.

    2. Leatherneck111 says:

      Android was first with LTE. Motorola was first in finger print security. And a 64 bit processor needs applications that utilizes that architecture. No apps currently use the 64 bit architecture. So in essence our post is really based on a fallacy.

  2. kevin says:

    Ill give them the fact they got the first 64 bit processor, but the finger print reader is gimicky and was done by motorola before but ditched because of impracticality. But everything else in the phone is sub par at best. Their “retina” display hasnt caught up with the “super retina” android offers (1080p screens). And they still arent giving consumers the choice of a bigger screen if they wish.

  3. Kestrel1960 says:

    Definitely the latter. What more can you expect from a smartphone. I’d far prefer a tried tested phone which does exactly what you want. Apple has always delivered on that front. People expect too many innovations these days

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