iPhone 5C pre-order time in UK, US


Just a few days ago Apple unveiled two new iPhone models for this year that included the slightly cheaper option of the iPhone 5C, and as promised the pre-order time for the device is almost upon us for UK and US consumers.

The online Apple Store is currently down as the company gets ready to start taking pre-orders for the iPhone 5C, and at the time of writing we are being met with the “We’ll be back” notification on the store front.

There will obviously be a rush of consumers looking to pick up the colourful new handset that is being offered at a lower price especially for those signing up to a new two year contract. Many will also be looking to purchase the handset unlocked although it is not much cheaper than the iPhone 5S.

The handset is mainly a redesigned iPhone 5 but with some upgraded specs and internals, and the polycarbonate body has been reinforced by steel in an attempt to give it a more premium feel, and of course there are a number of bright colour options available.

Are you going to pre-order the iPhone 5C?

Source: Apple.


2 thoughts on “iPhone 5C pre-order time in UK, US”

  1. gjmoo7 says:

    I will wait until the iPhone 6 is released next year. This phone is a piece of garbage. It’s the exact same phone as the iPhone 5 except with some updated tweaks. It’s not worth the money.

  2. UtimateMustHave says:

    Stop with the upgraded specs, colours and gimmicky innovations, I just want a smartphone that I don’t have to charge everyday, give me more battery life already!!!

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