Super Size Me iPhone app provides fast food nutrition info


While many of us will try and eat more healthy there are times that we will still like to treat ourselves to a takeout or a visit to a restaurant or favourite chain, and now the new Super Size Me iPhone app provides instant fast food nutrition info.

Super Size Me: What Are We Eating? has just been released to the Apple App Store to download for users of iOS devices, and provides users with instant information from their favourite take away chain or restaurant.

Using location based data the app will detect the restaurants close by and reveals the nutrition facts from a growing number of America’s most popular chains. As well as the location based menu information users can quickly view daily value percentages, facts, and other information for thousands of menu items.

There is also the chance for users to request information for restaurants that are currently not available in the ever expanding database, with the plan to help users make healthy choices when dining out. There are even tools for users to better keep a check on their health and dietary needs, and information can be shared via email, Facebook, and Twitter.

To find out more or to download Super Size Me: What Are We Eating? head over to the App Store, and the app is compatible for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch running iOS 5.0 or later priced at £0.69/$0.99.

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