GTA V iFruit and manual apps, Android frustration


The gaming world has been busy in the last few days getting used to the idea that Grand Theft Auto 5 has finally been released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The games release coincided with the availability of the GTA V iFruit and manual apps for iOS users that has led to Android frustration again.

Many Android users will have got used to popular app offerings hitting the Apple App Store first, sometimes months before they reach Google Play for download. The iFruit application allows mobile users to interact with the game while away from their console, and lets them create their own custom wheels with various customizations available.

There is also the option of taking care of one of the main characters pet dog, Chop teaching him tricks or taking the Rottweiler out for walks keeping the animal happy. The other iOS application that is available via the App Store is the Grand Theft V Manual, which is again a free download.

It has over 100 pages that covers everything from game controls as well as a tour through the local areas and activities from Blaine County and Los Santos, and there is even an interactive version of the map to explore.

While the release of these free apps are great if your an iOS owner, you would have thought given how long the title has been in development that an Android version of the two apps would have been made available at the same time.

Are you frustrated that no Android versions of these two apps are not available yet?


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    1. Frank For-Eternity Rivera says:

      I know a developer of Rockstar, he said that it doesn’t make sense to release a glitchy app to the main market, because so many would complain it would take away from the game, therefore going through apple and beta testing it so they could have a better app for the rest of the world was the goal, I don’t understand why so many are pissed about it

      1. thefallensoildier says:

        Android has a market share of nearly 80%, why should iOS with a market share of under 15% get the app first? If the app is not ready, which is weird since the game has been in development for over 5 years, then don’t release it for either platform until it is. Saying that iOS is a testing platform is bullshit since the development platforms on iOS and Android are different and so if it works on iOS it doesn’t mean it’s going to work on Android.
        The two main reasons why people are pissed are: one, that the app lets you register a custom car plate for use in GTA Online and they are all unique, which means iOS users are getting first choice on which names to register that then cannot be used by anyone else. Secondly there are numerous notifications in-game to use the iFruit app for this or that which is really frustrating when 85% of smartphone users do not have access to the app!

        1. Frank For-Eternity Rivera says:

          okay and I agree with you wholeheartedly on that issue, however, with the servers being how they are, and the glitches being as bad as they are, where I have a Tank in my garage and a Buzzard in there too, I feel they put the priority on the game fixes more than the app itself because more server space and more monitoring would have to be allotted for the major market. However, its been way over the allotted time and they still havent released a version for android which means the excuse is up and the frustration is now confirmed. I believe legally Ifruit is too close to Iphone and they were going to be sued because Apple is very known for that, unless they gave them sole rights to it, and as to not lose all their customers, or a majority of them, they lied and made it seem as though they were going to allow it on android, and they may, just not anytime soon, hopefully with the beach bum d/l or maybe the heist d/l update they will make ifruit for android? maybe……

  1. kelvin says:

    We seriously need this app its unfair that Apple store have it and the Google play store doesn’t. You guys are fricken loaded with devs I think your good to change a little app so it goes on both markets

  2. truthbetold says:

    more then likely apple struck a deal with rock* to fatten there pockets by being exclusive to the ios during the launch and eventually roll out with the android app

    1. rooty says:

      If they wanted to fatten pockets, they would want to fatten THEIR pockets not THERE pockets. Can no one spell anymore? If you can’t drive, don’t get the behind the wheel; if you can’t write, don’t get behind the keyboard.

      1. Nicho says:

        You correct him on his spelling and then make a grammar mistake yourself. Point in case, “If you can’t drive, don’t get the behind the wheel”. Don’t get THE behind the wheel..? Now you look like the idiot. Next time, if I were you, I’d keep my mouth shut.

  3. Lawrence EU says:

    Disappointed by Rockstar making this move. It is so unfair. Why big part of people that did buy GTA V are ignored? Doesn’t Rockstar care about us? Ffs….

  4. JTBlack says:

    You guys need to stop and think for a minute before blaming Rockstar for “giving” Apple users the app first. That app was done first, yes. But it is buggy as hell and does not work well 90% of the time. The whole deal with the delay is trying to fix those bugs and making sure they don’t go out to Android and the other platforms the app is being made for.

    You all just need to calm down and take a deep breath. Is training your dog really that big of a deal at the moment? I would rather have a completely working app than a buggy POS that takes months to fix.

  5. DXDeus says:

    It’s been proven time and time again that Android is a much easier platform to develop for than iOS. This is definitely a deal cut by Apple to get first dibs or Rockstar would have made a simultaneous release. My guess is Apple threatened to sue R* becsuse of the iFruit taking a shot at Apple’s iPhone. Still majorly angry as I happen to own an Android.

  6. tyard says:

    I’m not overly concerned with it… if I cared that much I’d throw it on my old iPod Touch. It’s still stupid though! Android has a the majority smartphone OS market share (53%) within the US (and, I believe, international is a similar figure)… why would you not release your app to your largest available market?!

    Unless, as others have stated, Apple payed/threatened Rockstar into it. Nobody said Capitalism was perfect.

  7. gothamknights says:

    I frankly not surprised by this news that Android users will have to wait for content like this. How I see it, is that many developers add this kind content after the fact when the game is well into development, and quickly make the decision for which platform (apple or android) to quickly to develop for. Should’ve have they (R*) seen that this would be this kind of backlash? Yes they should’ve, but I think that this will serve as learning lesson for all developers and publishers

  8. DL says:

    Ya it sucks. Especially that they didn’t release it for vita!! They shuld of done apple and vita then work on android and windows phine versions. They probably put it out for apple products first cuz they rele rele bust apples balls in GTA games. The iFruit I saw a laptop with a lil banana logp instead of an apple lil things like that

  9. Nicho says:

    Well, on the 17th, there was an app on the android marketplace called iFruit, independent developer, that was simply 12 GTA V screenshots (weak I know, but people will do anything for 5 minutes of fame). I just searched again and I can’t find it anywhere. Maybe, just maybe, rockstar have sent a cease and desist order in preparation for their release of the app. No harm in hoping.

  10. Paige says:

    It is BS that there is not one for Android phones yet but as someone stated before atleast when one does come out there will be less bugs…the game is still bad ass with out it!

  11. wowgivemeabreak says:

    Brilliant job by Rockstar to snub users of the most popular mobile os in the world. Can’t say I’m surprised since Rockstar is a bit of a d-bag company.

    As for GTA 5, it’s a good game but incredibly overrated given all this “OMG it’s the greatest thing evar!11!” crap that has been spewed forth. It’s fitting they chose iOS as the os to release these on because Rockstar is like Apple where no matter what they release, the media is there to act like it’s the greatest thing in the history of man, specifically when it comes to GTA. This game is a perfect example that no matter what Rockstar releases under the GTA line it’ll get squirted on and all the issues will be ignored.

    This game isn’t near being on par with Red Dead Redemption. Well, on a technical basis (as in graphics, detail, scope) it blows RDR out of the water and probably every other console game ever made) but in every other area like GAME PLAY and story it’s inferior, especially dialogue where GTA 5 is simply annoying.

    Hopefully the next Red Dead game will get the same amount of detail and sheer size as this game has. If so and they don’t ruin the great writing style that is found in Redemption then the new Red Dead game (rebellion?) will be “the greatest thing evar!11!”

  12. Talos112 says:

    what the hell okay so iPhone has it what ever iPhone is for little children that don’t know sh*t ,professionals who utilize tech us android anyways they sure are milking this app stuff first stupid idea not to have it ready before game launch or by coming soon its ready but there just holding on to it for now but this is stupid I better not have to wait a f*ckin month to use a manual that should have been in the case to figure out basic stuff they don’t even tell you bunch of morons. the game is good but heath should have been like San Andreas not GTA 4 which I think is the worst GTA ever except for graphics and side activities and that say GTA 5 is the biggest what a f*ckin lie play the game and tell me I’m incorrect.

  13. Talos112 says:

    question you would think that rock star would be like do we really need 4 to 5 stores that are the have the same stuff inside its makes me remember saints row 1 hopefully they saved all the big guns for GTA online and its not just hyped rumors and it turns out to be weak sh*t also still wondering how to take a human shield Trevor does it one time anyone know how?

  14. StonerSmurf1986 says:

    Im not realy upset that they werent made available at the same time, what im upset about is that its a week afer the games release now and over a week since the ios versions of the apps released and only 1 week away from the online release and I allready beat the game and I still dont have a manual to read through for info I didnt figure out on my own. I could see the manual being released for android like a day or 2 later but thats something u just dont wait this long on with no end of the wait in sight. The ifruit app? Honestly I dot care about that, just the manual because the ifuit app would only have been of use to me for license plate customization but by now all the good plates are probably taken since its on a first come first serve basis and each plate is unique meaning once a plate is chosen no1 else can choose that same plate so basicly by now that app would be pointless to me especialy since I only used chop in the 1 or 2 missions he was used in and there didnt seem to be any realy use for him beyond that so I say let the ppl rockstar makes fun of (ifruits) have their ifruit at this point but let us android users atleast get our manual before the online portion of the game releases next week.

  15. Talos112 says:

    on lines out for GTA doesn’t work and they still don t have a manual rock star is pretty bunk in the bigger picture that’s why it was great to have saints row why doesn’t other game company’s stop making mediocre games and do a open world game because they know everyone like them its a task but it worth it hopefully with Xbox one and ps4 we can get some almost PC level massive games in terms of equality did GTA online even get tested before it launched sounds like this problem is going to take a long time to fix and its just the beginning of the upcoming problems says rock star games about GTA online that sucks for anyone who got Xbox live just to play it.

    I would at least like to know it GTA 5 is worth keeping after I beat it by knowing if the online will keep me entertained since its going to need to run for a long time or if its flame will flicker out for me and become menontanously boring where I will find splice in battlefield 4 which is top dog.

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