iPhone 5S vs. iPhone 5C in shattering drop test video


There will be many Apple fans picking up a nice new iPhone today in the markets where the handsets are currently available, but now we have a video for you that is pitting the iPhone 5S against the iPhone 5C in some painful drop tests.

It is not unusual for various videos to be posted onto the Internet following the release of a new smartphone that looks at how they cope when dropped to the floor. It often doesn’t make for comfortable viewing seeing expensive new devices sent crashing to the floor, but the guys over at Android Authority have now put the two new handsets through their paces.

The video is just over five minutes long and sees the plastic bodied iPhone 5C going against the aluminium built iPhone 5S. The test begins by dropping the iPhone 5S onto its back from chest height that sees the handset bouncing onto a concrete floor, which results in a small scuff on one of the corners at the point of impact.

Up next the device is dropped from the same height to land on its side that results in a horrible sounding landing and adds another small scuff to the edge but the screen is still intact. Finally a drop is done so the handset lands on the display and again the device holds up with no cracks in the screen.

We then move onto the plastic iPhone 5C which is at first dropped onto its back with no signs of any damage, and with the side test drop that keeps the display intact but there is evidence of a small scuff on the edge.

The iPhone 5C does seem to bounce more when it first lands onto the floor, and then the video moves onto the dreaded screen drop. This drop results in the screen shattering but the device just like the iPhone 5S is still operational despite the impacts it has suffered but the screen will now need replacing.

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