Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SIM card warning


The latest flagship phablet smartphone from Samsung was released in a number of countries yesterday with more set to follow in the next week or so, but now for European consumers there is a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SIM card warning.

Many consumers would have been getting hold of their new Galaxy Note 3 for the first time yesterday, and now online retailer Clove has posted the image that you can see on this page that warns of some SIM card limitations for the smartphone.

It basically means that the SM-N9905 version of the Galaxy Note 3 won’t be able to be used outside of the European region. This won’t be a problem for many potential owners of the device, or many would already be aware of this, but for those that travel internationally and like to insert a local SIM card into their device to save money it will be a problem.

This version of the device uses the Qualcomm quad core processor with 4G connectivity, and if owners did take it out of the region to a different country the device will lose all mobile connectivity and only be able to make emergency calls.

The retailer goes on to state that any orders that customers have made from outside Europe will now be cancelled, but for the majority of Galaxy Note 3 owners this won’t be an issue although it is nice to have the option of using your smartphone if you travel further afield to the likes of the US or Australia.

Are you going to be affected by this issue?


4 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SIM card warning”

  1. Hassan AL Hammadi says:

    Couple of questions, is this an locked version
    and is this warring for all note3 or Europe onely.
    and if this is technical issue or political and financial.

  2. hoggleboggle says:

    I don’t really know how they would be able to implement this limitation seeing as the GSM SIM technology is based on an international standard. This sounds to me more like a temporary license issue. I have just ordered mine from Clove and not overly impressed by this, but I fully expect the issue to have been resolved and fixed by the time I were to travel outside of the EU.

  3. tomjones2012b says:

    So now I won’t buy a Samsung Galaxy 3. Why shouldn’t I be able to use a local SIM anywhere that I want, or buy one as a present for someone overseas? Surely the networks are not enforcing this, and if they are, they have no right to force a manufacturer to do so.

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