iPad 6 concept design, we are sold


Concept ideas are a way of showing you what is possible in future technology, and even though the iPad 5 hasn’t been unveiled yet there we have a new iPad 6 concept that will blow you away; if only.

The iPad 6 render shown below looks astonishing with its transparent design, Deviantart member geek3dfr looked at possible ways how the iPad 6 could look in the future.

Obviously the iPad 5 will not look like this, but surely there is a slim chance iPad 6 could look like this. The transparent slab of glass looks sensational and we love it already and want one, the design looks great but we know the features will get you excited as well.

The iPad 6 render shown below apparently features a front-facing 3D FaceTime HD camera, the app icons look a little antique to give off that old fashion factor. The top and bottom features a metallic bar to house the Home button and the camera, you will also notice that there is no fingerprint scanner on the Home button.

The metallic bars will house all the components seeing as this iPad 6 is transparent, which means the components will be tiny. In our heads we have already bought the iPad 6, if it looks like this we will do back flips and run around shouting out to the world “Look what we have.”

Do you like the look of this iPad 6 concept render?


7 thoughts on “iPad 6 concept design, we are sold”

  1. OrangeC4 says:

    “…surely there is a slime chance iPad 6 could look like this.”

    You do realize this is Apple, right? When have they ever taken a chance with design? I wouldn’t even bet on iPad 20 looking anything like that. It’s been a decade of the same tired layout with their phones and “tablets,” alike.

      1. OrangeC4 says:

        Apple invented tablets and smartphones? Hahahaha. Good one. Next thing you’ll tell me that a decade ago we didn’t have internet until Steve Jobs came up with that too.

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