Modern Combat 5 2014 release date is perfect


Modern Combat 5 will not be coming out this year; Gameloft has announced that the release date will be in 2014 because they want gamers to fully achieve its vision.

In a way we believe this is perfect, a MC5 2014 release date will allow Gameloft more time to produce something so much better than the already stunning Modern Combat 4.

Android and iOS users would love to have something special, the MC5 teaser trailer (Below) was released a few months ago and it does look amazing. Some will be slightly annoyed that its now coming in 2014 because many thought it would release at the end of 2013.


We fully stand by them postoning the game because we want even more features added that Modern Combat 4 lacked. People are saying the game is delayed but in a way delay is not a word that can be used here, an official date was never announced; so theoretically it has not been delayed at all, its just been postponed.

The new FPS game should come with more features, we would like to see support for gamepads on iOS 7, refine multiplayer and boost it to 16 or more players, and in-game voice chat would be cool as well.

Whilst we wait for an official Modern Combat 5 release date please let us know what name you would like the game to be called, should it be MC5 Last War?

Brothers in Arms 3 is releasing soon, so please answer this question — Are you looking forward to Brothers in Arms 3 or Modern Combat 5?


60 thoughts on “Modern Combat 5 2014 release date is perfect”

  1. Coffee says:

    My excitement for Gameloft’s passion and effort for this game is off the charts

    Gameloft NAILED IT with asphalt 8! It’s a perfect arcade racing game

    And now Gameloft wants modern combat 5 to be the best game it can be with lots of polish. This is awesome, they are going away from simply making mediocre “copycat” games and are now gearing toward polished AAA games

    And with gamepad support and affordable $200 tablets mobile gaming is a great option

  2. Danylo says:

    Interesting, can i play MC5 on my lenovo a1000?MC 4 runs good, but on “Alert” and “Congres” maps i have. a lot of lags, what i can do for better runing?

  3. xXG4M3RXx says:

    Please don’t call it ‘Modern Combat 5: Last War’… For me it sounds too much like the last Modern Combat… Maybe ‘Modern Combat 5: Falcon’ or ‘Modern Combat 5: White Eagle’ would be great names for the upcoming Modern Combat! What Do you think about my Ideas?? 🙂

    1. MC4 lover says:

      I agree because if it is called “Modern Combat 5:Last War”,it sounds like there would be no more updates like MC6 and players who love this game(like me)would be sad.Please don’t call it Last War:)i love this game a lot and i support it more than brothers in arms 3.i love MC4 so i think MC5 would be great for players who like MC4!!! 🙂 if they make a map in antartica i agree with the names like Frostbite or Snowstorm.

  4. sheme1212 says:

    What I want in mc5 is the ammo box which is the most important thing.. Which lacked in all other parts of MC.. Need more maps, new weapons like the crossbow etc etc.. I am just concernd about one thing.. The size of the game..!

    1. SantyGamer says:

      My brother is also concerned about that, he downloaded MC4 and his free space went to 0.09 GB!, But i have a Tablet with 12 GB free and 2GB of RAM, so i am not concerned

    2. Pablo says:

      Bro to tell u the truth I don’t care about the size!!! Folder mount takes care of that area lol:) love mc4 which I’m currently playing just hope mc5 will b the ace in the hole

  5. reinis kaspars says:

    Im a realy big fan of the modern combat, i had so much fun playing it ! What i didnt like in the MC4 was the weapons. they were like unknown for me. In the MC5 i want such weapons like m4, scar-l, l96, mp7 and the ACR witch you can actualy see in the trailer video.
    GAMELOFT is the best !

  6. Jack Neilson says:

    i can not wait untill Modern Combat 5 comes out! I hope it comes to the Kindle Fire HD which is a Android Tablet. In Modern Combat 4 at the the last mission there was a short video and it had a zombie sign I think so Gameloft might be putting in a zombie mode. So I can not Wait!!!!

  7. TrollHunterMOFO says:

    MC4 has officially stunned while playing the game, I would say I’m looking forward to MC5 then Brother in Arms! 😀

    A name for MC5 ; Modern Combat 5 Last Stand.

    – TrollHunterMOFO

  8. Aks4d777 says:

    It should be called MC5 The Ghost Rises. It should be the continuation of the story from MC4 to avenge the death of their brothers in the army that the American government waisted for it’s own interest. That will be awsome and of cause advance technology world

  9. Maciel Mattos says:

    modern combat o jogo mais esperado do ano muito bom pelo o vidio vai ser da hora compraria ele ate por 1000 reais jo pra mim jogar

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