Sprint vs AT&T for Galaxy Note 3


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is now available to AT&T and Sprint customers, now it is the case of choosing between AT&T and Sprint.

If you prefer to buy on the AT&T network then $299.99 with a two-year contract will get you the Galaxy Note 3, but on Sprint the price is only $249.99. If you wish to buy the phone outright then AT&T’s price is $724.99, which is the same price as Amazon.

Amazon sells the AT&T Galaxy Note 3 in white or black on a 2-year contract as well for $289.99.

You could opt for the AT&T 1-year contract, but this will cost you an upfront fee of $549.99,

Sprint are apparently offering a $100 discount to new customers who transfer over their existing numbers, look into this when you head on over to the official website. If you want to be a new customer to Sprint and keep your number then this is a great option.

We all have our favorite carrier and for some choosing will be very easy, but we have heard that some will not buy on AT&T because of the locked bootloader, but we will let you debate on this one.

So you can opt to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 via AT&T (Black or White) and Sprint or you can by the AT&T Note 3 in either black or white via Amazon. Who will you be buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with?

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