Galaxy Note 3 battery life results disappoint


The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has always been loved by owners for its amazing battery life, which considering the size of the handset is pretty impressive. Now you would have thought newer would mean better but it doesn’t seem that way as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 battery life results disappoint.

Samsungs new Note features a huge 3,200 mAh battery which compares to the model that it is replacing which has a 3,100 mAh power pack. Now a Korean website has run some battery tests for a number of handsets testing battery life in three categories, Internet browsing, 3D gaming, and video playback.

For video playback the handset came out top with an impressive time of almost 15 hours for its best results or 14 hours at its lowest. The test was done with the handset set at full brightness and then a lower setting, and compared to the Note 2 it achieved 3 hours more and more than double compared to the iPhone 5.

With 3D gaming the Galaxy Note 3 again did well achieving just below four hours only beaten by the Note 2 and Optimus GK, with the hardware tested using the GL Benchmark suite and the Egypt HD Benchmark.

But it is when you look at web browsing the handset didn’t fare so well only achieving an average time of under 6 hours, while last year’s Galaxy Note 2 smashed this with almost 8 hours of web browsing.

The handset was even beat by the likes of the iPhone 5 and LG G2 and Samsung’s own Galaxy Grand. Web browsing will be one of the things that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be used most for, but it has to be remembered that future firmware updates by Samsung could easily rectify battery life results.

Owners may not be experiencing poor battery life but many will be hoping that Samsung soon provides a permanent fix for the rebooting problem we reported about recently.

How have you found the battery life on the Galaxy Note 3?

Source: Playwares (translated).


17 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 3 battery life results disappoint”

  1. TheBeeNet says:

    this is really a lop sided review. I experience great battery life on my samsung galaxy note 3. After trying to give the device bad press you turn around and say some might not be experiencing poor battery life. Fail.

    1. Derek Fisher says:

      Mark Chubb= panderer to fanboys of other brands. Thinks he speaks for the masses but he doesnt. Thinks it is fashionable to carry underdog mentality by attacking whomever happens to be the top brand. I personally can’t stand this guy, dumb one sided short sighted idiot. Maybe if he was impartial and shed negativity on Sony/HTC/LG/Nokia/Apple from time to time I would have at least an ounce of respect for it. Mark you do NOT speak for the masses nor are you a spokesperson for us so do what you are supposed to do. Write impartially or is that too difficult to bear. Yes I use Samsung but I also use a Blackberry z10 and a Lumia 520 as well as a 4s.

      1. TheBeeNet says:

        LOL… Tell how you really feel about this guy.😃
        I see this kind of stuff everyday. Anything to put Samsung down is the rave today. And you’re right, if he were more partial then it would not matter but this was so one sided, I had to respond.

  2. taylor says:

    I agree with this.. as a note 3 user i always have to charge my phone everyday.. this is the thing that i hate about this phone.. other apps were amazing

  3. John says:

    Which version is this? the s800 (9505) or the 5420 (9500)? Because I’m pretty sure the 5420 will have a lot better battery life due to the big.LITTLE technology it uses!

  4. Heather says:

    I say note 2 even though I have the note 3 had to replace this phone 2 time because of the battery which last 4 hours with everything turned down or off when I use it or didn’t use and kept over heating. Now the third phone I got is a little better but I miss the note 2 battery

  5. My Note 3 battery life is fine, I get all day even after heavy usage. I think it is Chrome, which I use, but not as much as on laptop. On my MacBook Air, Chrome is a huge processor hog, so perhaps it is what’s eating the Note 3 battery? Why else would the phone be ok with video and other processor intensive applications, yet bad with web browsing, one of the least processor intensive uses!?

  6. Jimmy Drew says:

    Something wrong here, I traded my Note 2 for a Note 3. and was pleasantly surprised that after after 10 hours my battery was still at 50%. The Note 2 is terrific but the Note 3 is absolutely awesome . The bright screen alone is worth the upgrade but the supper fast processor and terrific camera as well as S pen upgrades make the Note 3 a bargain. It will be a long time before I trade the Note 3…

  7. Ofoel says:

    Traded in NOTE 3 after getting Sony Xperia Z1. Z1 one is way way much smoother and everything run smoothly without any hitch. Great display design and performance. Note 3 is good but Z1 is more better in all aspect. Samsung still stuck in the olden day where gingerbread is. The transition is still ZZZ effect or else it will appear force close alert.

  8. Lamont says:

    I have the N900 and am struggling to get through a day with all the bells and whistles turned off and screen turned down. I don’t use Chrome as one person suggested below. I sold my Note 2 to buy this and am having second thoughts. I have had constant lag issues that I never had with the 2. I have had 2 updates that have made some things better and some worse. I’m really disappointed with Sammy as I have owned many and this is the first time I’ve regretted buying one.

  9. Shan says:

    I’ve just come off using an iPad (excellent batt life) recently to transition over to a smaller phablet on the go: Note III. But I’m not impressed and keep wondering if the batts faulty or I’ve done something wrong.

    I only bought it last Weds, gave it an 8 hour charge out the box, then used it to 0% drain, and then gave an full 100% charge before carrying on as norm. In the last 4-5 days, I’ve found that even when I use every means of power saving on the phone (turn down brightness, change background to black, etc. etc.) it’s still not fantastic for batt life. The airplane mode isn’t as strong as the iPhone 4 that I had 2 years ago. My number 1 gripe is that is takes a really long time to charge the Note III from a power point. It’s even super-slower when it’s done via USB. I wanted a super battery to come with this product – not satisfied.

    Thankfully, my solution will be to carry spare batts if I’m on the road for long periods: atleast Samsung are democratic enough to do that I guess.

  10. kacansas says:

    I have had my Note 3 since Oct. 11th and now my battery life is good. I think what made the difference was charging with a charger that the phone accepted but was not Samsug. That chargers output was the same voltage but only .65A compared to the Samsung charger at 2A. Since my first 3 or 4 charges were overnight with the slower unit it seems to have made the battery have more or it’s full mah. Since then I have done some charges with the 2 amp and it does get a charge into it quick but it seems to go out quicker too. Just my experience. I use it for internet a lot on wifi some games and phone calls with some video also.

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