iPhone 5S found fastest smartphone in tests


There will always be mobile phone owners arguing that they have the best handset especially among Android and iPhone users, and now some new tests have found that the iPhone 5S was the fastest smartphone.

In some independent tests the iPhone 5S beat the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the LG G2 using the Geekbench app, with tests using both single core performance and multi core. All of the smartphones that were tested are multi core devices but more cores don’t always provide a faster performance.

The iPhone 5S came out on top thanks to its A7 64-bit processor that is actually manufactured by Samsung and these latest tests didn’t include the recently released Galaxy Note 3. The LG G2 managed to come in at second place in the single core tests and nearly matched the iPhone 5S in the dual core simulations.

The Galaxy S4 came in third place for both tests with the likes of the HTC One, iPhone 5C, and Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini filling up the rest of the positions. It has to be remembered that benchmark tests don’t always reflect a smartphones use in the real world, and can differ from handset to handset of the same model depending on a number of factors.

These can include how the device is set up or even how much is stored onto the device, and for everyday use the majority of modern smartphones are more than quick enough for the average user.

The iPhone 5S scored 1,410 for the single core test and 2,561 in the multi core score, while the LG G2 managed an 882 single core score and 2355 for multi core. This compares to the Samsung Galaxy S4 that achieved a 687 single core score and 1,939 multi core.

Do benchmark results bother you when choosing a new smartphone?

Source: Which.


8 thoughts on “iPhone 5S found fastest smartphone in tests”

  1. mhmmd123 says:

    If I buy my phones based on what the benchmark results I’ll never buy a phone. I always go into the store and try the phone, to how fast it’ll open apps and to see if there is any lack not what benchmark shows.

  2. Jacob Kral says:

    Too bad apple and Samsung have both been caught cheating benchmarks by boosting speeds only when theyre being run.. translating to a good score but mediocre real world performance.

    1. Waffler says:

      Yeah, this is why I seem to have a better, personal, view regarding vanilla-Android handsets (Nexus, mostly). While they may lack some fundamental features that other handsets have, you know what you’ve got – there’s nothing faux/fake about the hardware or software performance benchmarks or otherwise. Not to say that Samsung, nor Apple, make quality products that are fast – just that I’m inclined to feel that they shouldn’t have to fake benchmarks just to entertain the masses.

  3. SubX says:

    Bench marks mean nothing. Seeing and using the device for your self is what matters. Eg, put the One up against the S4, on paper, the S4 is faster than the One. Put them side by side and use them and it’s a different story. The One out performs the S4 by far. The One is smoother, faster, better clarity, better Sound, better built and is over all a better device. So it’s a fact. Don’t go out and buy a device just because it bench marks highest at the time.

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