BlackBerry Z30 heading for Verizon release


Despite its current problems and takeover talk Canadian smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry is still operating as usual by launching new hardware or apps, and now it seems that the BlackBerry Z30 is heading for a Verizon release in the not too distant future.

The BlackBerry Z30 is the latest flagship smartphone to come out of the company that is running the BB10 operating system, and has become available already in a number of markets that include the UK and India.

Now as you can see from the image on this page that comes courtesy of smartphone tipster’s evleaks, the BlackBerry Z30 is set for a release on US carrier Verizon Wireless at some point in the future.

There has been talk that Sprint would be getting the handset in the US, and as you can see from the image the handset carries some Verizon Wireless branding, and the smartphone is the most powerful device to date from the company along with having the largest sized display.

You would have thought that both BlackBerry and the carrier would want the handset released for customers of the network in time for the busy holiday shopping season that is fast approaching.

Do you want the BlackBerry Z30 from Verizon Wireless?


2 thoughts on “BlackBerry Z30 heading for Verizon release”

  1. Truffol says:

    this would be a tough sell…it probably doesn’t even measure up to a LG G2 to most customers, especially when BBM is already available to Android. If anything they need a Q30 with that keyboard!

    1. Alex Whitfield says:

      Well its scores marked it as a pretty strong performer and it has recieved claims like this is what the z10 should have been.
      Besides the lg g2 is stupid big same as the note 3 and buttons on the back?
      Really lg?
      Learning curve and accidentally pushing buttons while in my pocket much. The lg g2 has this whole well why not feeling to it.
      If I am gonna go android there is way more sensible and better designs.
      Truthfully a 5 inch phone is as big as it should get and 4 inchs is as small.
      I say 4.3 – 4.5 inch phone is optimal.
      Better screen viewing for pics and videos and easier text without sacrificing pocketability of the device.
      I wish more phones where sixed like the galaxy s2 and s3 perfect middle ground.

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