Motorola Project Ara superphone connection with Phonebloks


Remember the Phonebloks idea? This was an idea for a superphone that allowed users to sway and change components when they please, basically making the handset fully customizable. Well, this all could become reality thanks to the new Motorola Project Ara.

Motorola have obviously seen inspiration from the Phonebloks concept, so much so Motorola have met up with Phonebloks creator Dave Hakkens. The two have the same vision so they will both be working on the new Project Ara, which means they will go ahead and work with the Phonebloks community.

Motorola Project Ara superphone connection with Phonebloks

This new Motorola Project Ara will in the end produce a smartphone that creates a third party developer ecosystem, it means not anyone phone will be the same because it will be fully customizable.

1GB of RAM not enough, never mind take it out a slot in a 2GB component for more RAM, fancy a better camera because you 5MP is rubbish, not a problem just add a new part for a bigger camera.

Project Ara has been running for a little over a year now, and we can see the company moving forward with new inspiration from the likes of Phonebloks.

Are you ready for the super modular smartphone that you can customize?

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