Runner fitness app for iPhone matches music to your speed


There are a huge number of different smartphone applications that can help users achieve a healthier lifestyle whether it’s getting fit by exercising or being more choosey in what we eat. Today we have news of the Runner fitness app for the iPhone that matches music to your speed.

Many will use running as a way of getting fitter and will be listening to music while doing so and a recently released fitness app takes this further. Runner will not only track the distance that you run along with the time and pace, but it will also track your pace with a song from your favourite playlists.

A users pace per song is saved automatically and updated each time a user goes on a run, and the app will cleverly use this information to create a custom length playlist made up from a users fastest songs.

Users can easily sort playlists to match their style with the fastest song at the middle or the end of the run and smart controls allows users to start, pause, and resume the run and music via a headphones button.

There is the chance to view past runs to see which ones were the best and use that playlist again, and there is even the option of sharing information directly with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The app even provides current weather information to help users decide what best to wear for their run.

Runner – Your Best Running Playlist for iPhone 1.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store.

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