Call of Duty Ghosts companion app works wonders


Unlike the GTA V iFruit app and Android gamers waiting for what seemed like an eternity to be released, Activision got it right from the get go with its new Call of Duty Ghosts companion app.

The Call of Duty Ghosts app was first released to Android users first on November 4th and then on the 5th for iOS users, does not matter what way you look at it, the publishers released the app close together to make every CoD gamer happy — well done to them.

The companion app for Call of Duty Ghosts was released perfectly to fit in with the release of the game for Xbox 360, PS3, Windows and Wii U users. The game will also be released for the Xbox One and the PS4 once the consoles are released.

cod ghosts app for android

The companion app works hand-in-hand with the CoD Ghosts game, the application has so many features with one being ‘Clan Wars’, this is a game where players have to battle for territory and in return earning exclusive in-game bonuses. This is brilliant because multiple clans will fight it out trying to get locations on the Clan Wars map that are pulled directly from the multiplayer modes in CoD: Ghosts. Also love the fact the app has customization options for your soldier and bonus multiplayer XP.

The app also allows the user to join, create, and manage a clan; this is called ‘The extensive Clan Emblem Editor’, which will allow users to communicate with the other members of their clan.

Another cool feature is ‘Second Screen Functionality’; this allows the app user to sync their CoD Ghosts multiplayer matches in real-time; there are many other features within this Call of Duty Ghosts companion app.

Have you downloaded the Call of Duty Ghosts companion app yet, and if so what platform iOS or Android?

If you have not yet downloaded the app please do so here — Google Play Store / App Store

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cod ghosts app


39 thoughts on “Call of Duty Ghosts companion app works wonders”

        1. buttercup says:

          over 5 android devices tablets phones.. nothing is allowed to run it from Google Play message. #ActivisionFailed

      1. chappo11 says:

        i cant download because its says you got to have 1 gb of ram on your phone to run it bullshit

  1. Pascal says:

    hahaha “got it right” he says. releasing it on android first compatible with NO phones whatsoever. epic

  2. anishinabe gaagigidoo says:

    Yeah I got electrify m and it says not compatible.. Lame should this all been tested already being that ghost came out at mid night

  3. FreestylersUnited says:

    Tested on ipad, tablet and android phone. Doesn’t work on either one of those. Now I can’t seem to manage my clan at all, anywhere.

  4. Rball02 says:

    Took me and my friend hours before it would let us join clan together and it still doesn’t show us as friends on the app though

    1. confusedGamer says:

      Are you PSN? Because Im having the same issue but Iv noticed that xbox is syncing up KDR and what not

  5. nick says:

    Its not supported on the nexus 7 total crap how can they advertise this and not make it avalible on all devices

  6. You suckling says:

    Lol what an obvious chump commercial article. The ap doesn’t work right. Much of the things that do work I can do from the Xbox much quicker and easier. And the big second screen feature? Locked until further notice.

    I wonder if this guy has actually tried a full retail version on on a real life Xbox live connection. It would seem safe to say no.

    It’s also nice that they’ve either hidden or made the authors name hard to find. Again. Obvious chump article.

  7. Daniel Lloyd Geoghan says:

    so no windows phone app then? i dont have an iphone great now im stuck with a clan name i dont even want

  8. Patrick Mallahan says:

    Won’t work on my Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3 or MyTouch 4G. Your move Activision. In other news, the Battelfield 4 app works fine on all of my devices.

  9. Stump says:

    Clan, clan, clan, blah blah blah. Doesn’t have nearly the same amount of stats or functionality as the one supported under the previous games and is completely worthless at this point

  10. d snyder says:

    Go to website make an actual login name and it workers fine for me after that needs to get second screen option giving though

  11. Daniel says:

    Found a way to Bypass the compatibility issue.
    At least with HTC One.
    Follow Google Play Store Link , Sign in and install and send App to desired phone.
    So far I have recieved it and works just fine.
    hope that helps most of you.

  12. Curtis Gould says:

    I can’t resize/rotate in the emblem creator on windows 8, anyone else having this problem?

  13. Richard says:

    So just tried to install this on HTC 8S and Sony XPERIA T, neither of which apparently have the capability to run the app….. Really hope activision make this app work on a wider range of devices as i have now got a clan that i cannot edit the motto, tag or anything else to try to make my clan grow… Sort it out Actvision!!

  14. spaprock says:

    I don’t get why they have this in the game, and yet it’s locked and you can do nothing to the clan. The Elite website isn’t linked to this, so I can’t edit/do stuff with my clan via a website. That just leaves this app, which isn’t compatible with my HTC phone. You know, a Windows 8 phone that Microsoft makes the user software for but somehow can’t make a XBOX/Windows app to be compatible with?

    What’s worse, is that I bought the game on November 5th via the digital copy option, as they stated it would be exactly like pre-ordering the game, including getting the Free Fall map. Now they claim I’ll receive my token for the Free Fall map sometime between now and November 26th. WTF? That’s not just like pre-ordering and having it day one, now is it…

  15. Marchant Cilliers says:

    App is great apart from the fact that it removed me from my clan’s roster and put me in some other random clan’s. I cannot leave my clan to rejoin because it says im not a member. Cannot leave the other clan coz im (wait for it…) NOT A MEMBER.

  16. IUSTAKOULD says:

    WOW Activision at it again… Why would you start a new app. Did you learn nothing when you first released COD Elite and all of the problems you had then. You should have just stayed with Elite and just added the new game into it like BO MW3 and BO2. Thanks for not supporting all devices..

  17. Rt says:

    Apparently doesn’t work if you have wii u COD Ghosts ! Tried several time and won’t download my profile !

  18. Anthony Michael Crucitti says:

    Won’t let me change my clans tag, promote members or anything! Keeps saying I’m not authorized…complete crap!!