ZTE Eco Mobius vs Motorola Ara project phone


The future of smartphone’s could lean towards modular, handsets that can be changed whenever the users feels it is necessary to add more.

It was not too long ago when ‘Phonebloks’ was put in front of the world, the idea behind the smartphone is to allows users the choice of upgrading when they feel they need too.

Phonebloks was so inspiring it started off the new Motorola Ara Project, Motorola decided to talk to the Phonebloks team to produce the ultimate smartphone. Seems like this is catching on though because ZTE now want a piece of the modular phone world.

ZTE Eco Mobius vs Motorola Ara project phone pic 3

Say hello to the new ZTE Eco-Mobius, the designers from the ZTE Corporation like the idea of a modular phone that they want to manufacture the Eco-Mobius. The ZTE Eco-Mobius phone parts are very easy to assemble, the phone has sliding tracks so that the parts can be put in or taken out with no fuss. The smartphone is divided into four modules, which include the camera, display, battery and core.

Design wise we are a little stuck here, we are not sure if we prefer the look of the ZTE Eco-Mobius or the Motorola Ara Project — please do answer the question below after looking at all the photos here.

ZTE Eco Mobius vs Motorola Ara project, what phone design do you prefer the most?

motorola ara project phone

ZTE Eco Mobius vs Motorola Ara project phone pic 2

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11 thoughts on “ZTE Eco Mobius vs Motorola Ara project phone”

  1. prashant says:

    Ara = Motorola’s a.k.a Google’s and it will use android as far as i guess. And Mobius = ZTE’s, a Chinese company!!!. You know, they can clone anything and make it cheaper(cheaper probably lessens quality). First – price matters but now Quality matters too. We are technically sound consumers. Make it as we want. We’ll buy either of em anyway.

  2. Karl Emmanuel Sanchez Laursen says:

    I like the ZTE’s design, but find troublesome that the blocks are all similar (think of a granny triying to connect the ROM module on another socket, that looks just like the right one, except because it is backwards)
    and definitely, I’d like that both things were compatible, so I can buy ZTE’s transciever and Motorola’s battery and…

    1. Tom says:

      I don’t think any kind of smartphone is really the phone for grannies, and phonebloks concept (not motorolas) would’ve been worse for that anyway

  3. Tom says:

    I prefer zte’s design, unless the motorola has a locking system it looks like it might be easy to slide the modules out while using it which would be bad

  4. Karl Emmanuel Sanchez Laursen says:

    the thing is that you need to be able to give it to someone who has no knowledge of technology be it a granny, a younger boy (less than two digits age) a martian invader or anyone who can’t recognize a rom memory from a toaster, because they will try to fit (even force fit) module A on slot B, and you will get lots of smoke and a possible lawsuit, else, a phone who is sold only to geeks patient enough to assemble it by pieces will have a really small market, like professional sound systems to turnkey out of the box ones.

  5. Dylan says:

    I think ARA needs a serious make over to compete. I like Motorola, but this looks too ‘cute’ for me. I have seen all the pics of the ARA and none of them are visually stimulating! Chances are i would buy the ECO-Mobius before buying the ARA. Phones have become more and more like watches, accessories first, tools after.

  6. syed kamal says:

    One think you guys remember for Designs of these two phone, For ZTE designs good because we can replace only RAM,ROM,GPu,CPU and Camera . But for Moto, you can replace almost everything include Display.

    For Design, You can Buy ZTE and for Moto you can use over a decade above!!!

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