Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 update availability spreads


While a lot of thoughts have turned to the latest Android 4.4 KitKat firmware a number of high end devices are still waiting on receiving the final version of Jelly Bean, and the Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 update availability spreads to more regions following its release.

A few days ago we brought you the news that the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update had begun is journey around the world to the Samsung Galaxy S3. This followed the company updating the later Galaxy S4 to the same software.

To begin with it had only reached Vodafone users in Ireland but now the update has landed in Switzerland a few days ago, and today a number of new countries have been added. These include Greece again on Vodafone, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Austria, and Romania.

This status update comes from information provided by SamMobile that has a live feed that lists regions where the Android 4.3 update is available or pending. The new firmware brings with it a number of new features that sees the handset upgraded from Android 4.1.2.

These include a number ported over from the Galaxy S4 such as the UI as well as a new S-Voice feature. There is also a new Samsung keyboard and the ability of moving content to the SD card which will be welcomed by owners of the device.

Once we receive the update here in the UK we will be bring you a hands on review of the new update but at the time of writing no update has arrived. To check manually select the settings option on the device before scrolling down to About device >Software update > and then Check for updates.

Have you received the update yet in your region?


60 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 update availability spreads”

  1. Izhan Ahmed says:

    When 4.3 update for s3 is available in Pakistan,if so when.i am checking regular basis but the check for updates is giving the latest updates have already been installed.

          1. Izhan Ahmed says:

            Definitely for sure, the performance of the phone will improve.but the point is that when this update will available.

          2. Mobin Molai says:

            Not quite sure about the exact date when the update gets available. My guess is, we might see it by end of Nov. I just checked out the Samsung updates website, the firmware has been released for somewhat 8 regions up till now. Still a lot of regions are waiting. Why can’t they release it for all the region at once as gs3 i9300 is the international version. :$

          3. Izhan Ahmed says:

            I also found out on website that Asian countries are next to get updates in next coming week or two so hope for the best.The updates are slow by samsung that’s why taking so much time.Once the more countries gets the update for sure,Samsung will give update faster to the other countries.

  2. elle says:

    i’m in new york and got my update on the 6th. haven’t explored it much at all but i know that i am definitely not a fan of the new keyboard ๐Ÿ™ i am hoping to find a way to turn the new feature off.

  3. dave says:

    This is ridiculous… an international gt-i9300 shouldn’t be any different between countries. It’s a simple update, not tied to any carriers!! So why the delay? Pick a date to release the update, and just go already! I’m so not buying a samsung in the future…

    1. Arvin Jhann says:

      you can see a live feed on Sammobile about the Jelly bean 4.3 update. 7 countries now are getting the update. Hope we get the update by next week. Philippines ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Swep says:

    @c737a646d9d13adc0888b94671973c01:disqus it’s just a matter of server I think. The problem is if they launch it all around world at one date, servers will be overloaded and will crash, causing a lot of troubles. And this is what Samsung want to avoid. ( I see they’re updating it to regions of the world where there isn’t soooo many galaxy s3 used.) But that’s just what i think.

      1. Arvin Jhann says:

        you can see a live feed on Sammobile about the Jelly bean 4.3 update. 7 countries now are getting the update. Hope we get the update by next week. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. mobileZONE says:

    4.3 makes the handset very unresponsive… On receiving call Display won’t illuminate, sometime no response when press menu or power key to unlock… Disappointed…

  6. Vighnesh Aravind says:

    Got an update to samsung s3 I9300 80MB (7th november 2013).
    Thought it was android 4.3 update and allowed update via wi-fi
    Turns out its just an update to 4.1.2 and the device still runs on 4.1.2

    1. Tapewormlatvia says:

      Yes. Dowloading it right now, as well. What is weird is that there is no info that UK BTU should receive it today. (If you can believe SamMobile’s firmware update list). Let’s hope that it’s not as glitchy as many Vodafone S3 users say.

      1. mooduino says:

        I have an unbranded phone, which means I bought it directly from Samsung, not from a network operator, and therefore, I get my updates from Samsung, not from, say, Vodafone or EE.

        If you have a branded phone, you have to wait for the update to pass through them.

  7. Chris says:

    I live in Fiji, Vodafone Fiji has no idea about updates.
    Can somebody here please help me as I would like to update to 4.3 official for my s3, I had downloaded one but turns out it was a leaked german version and my phone was getting super hot so i had to root but not happy with it, if there’s anybody here who could tell me how i can update my phone manually and possibly post a few links for me here please.

  8. Ginah B. says:

    Is it better to update the new version of the Samsung galaxy S3 in all times when there is a new version firmware is coming up ?is it recommended do it?

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