Call of Duty Ghost app update from feedback


We recently informed readers about the Call of Duty Ghosts companion app that recently released for Android. This CoD app has been proving popular and now the Call of Duty Ghost app has received an update based on customer feedback.

The Call of Duty app works hand-in-hand with Call of Duty Ghosts and offers personalized features. It has many features including the ability to battle for territory against multiple clans and the ability to earn exclusive in-game bonuses.

It also enables players to join, create and manage a Call of Duty Ghosts Clan and experience Call of Duty Ghosts on the go. The app has an emphasis on deep game integration and a few days ago received an update to version 1.01.143.

A note from Activision on the app description on Google Play says that they’ve been listening to feedback and the update is to improve the gaming experience. The update now enables Create-A-Soldier functionality, and improves the stability of Clan Chat and Player Profile.

The Call of Duty app update also fixes a login issue that sometimes occurred when not connected to the Internet. As well as this, it also brings compatibility with the app for the HTC One, Motorola Moto X and Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphones.

If you haven’t already got this Android app then you can download Call of Duty from the Google Play Store here. It’s a free app compatible with devices running Android 2.3.3 or later. We’d like to hear from you about this update.

If you have already been using the Android Call of Duty app then what do you think of this update? Let us have your CoD comments.


5 thoughts on “Call of Duty Ghost app update from feedback”

  1. Alex says:

    It still needs work, creating clans in the app or leaving clans in the app often times never reaches the game. While you may be able to “Rally” your friends to get them to jump online, and change your weapon load-outs, there’s really little else you can do for now. But these clan features shouldn’t be necessary until Nov. 25 when Clan Wars comes out… So… Here’s to hoping it gets better soon. And that it doesn’t turn into another GTA V companion app that came out late and nobody uses.

  2. Alex says:

    An update : A couple of days ago an update was made to the app making it incompatible to tablet devices of screen sizes 7″ and up. However its been made compatible for some low-end smartphones the tradeoff was pointless, and they’ve made creating clan emblems an unnecessary hassle. The note given to app users who had been previously using the app told users to Update to Continue using. If you clicked Update, the app would then take you to Google Play and tell you your device is incompatible. In the “News” about the update feed it read, ” This app is not indended for devices 7in +”

    Smooth Activision. Show tablets running your application on your website, and on pamphlets in the games case. iPad isn’t the only tablet on the market.

  3. andrew says:

    i have a samsung galaxy. app incompatible how the hell am i suppose to join or apply for a clan. stupid idea by activision clans should be available via pc as before

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