Pebble smartwatch app update with iOS 7 social notifications


If you own the Pebble smartwatch you will be happy to know that the Pebble app update is now available, which brings iOS 7 social notifications.

Pebble not so long ago brought many new software features for iOS 7, and one of these features included alerts for any Notification Center messages, now you can get these on your Pebble watch.

The iOS app update looks like the old one so do not expect any re-design, the new update build number 1.3.0 now offers as we said above Apple’s iOS 7 notification system for the iPhone 4S and higher, and you can now look on the face of your Pebble watch to see the notifications from the likes of Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram and many more.

Before this update Pebble users could only receive calls and text messages, but now users get so much more. iOS 7 alerts are good to look at and this means they will be just as good on the Pebble smartwatch, users can now see badge app icons, banners, alert sounds or alerts, for the notification to work you will have to install the new update.

To install the Pebble app update please visit the App Store, we do recommend you visiting the Pebble Support Center for more information.

Have you installed the new Pebble smartphone app update yet?

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