iPhone 6, 5C model in larger screen 2014 release rumour


The release of the iPhone 5 finally brought a bigger display to the platform that many fans were craving after, but there are still fans of the platform that would still love the company to provide something more on par with some of the offerings on the Android platform. Now the iPhone 6 and a new 5C model are at the centre of a larger screen rumour for release in 2014.

There have long been rumours and speculation that next year Apple will launch the iPhone 6 touting a larger display, and now a new rumour has emerged that claims via an insider that Apple is testing an iPhone prototype featuring a 4.9-inch screen.

The same source is claiming that the iPhone 5C will also be the subject of an increase in display size next year but is not sure by how much. There has been plenty of different display sizes bounded around in recent months with a lot of iPhone fans favouring something between the 4.5 to 5-inch mark.

When Apple first released the iPhone 5 the company made a big thing about its display size being at the ideal level for one handed use, but many iPhone fans want something a little bigger especially now that more is done with a smartphone such as viewing video content.

Squinting at a small 4-inch display won’t be everyone’s ideal situation although many fans of the platform wouldn’t want something the size of the Galaxy Note 3 or HTC One Max. Apple could be trying to please as many of its fans as possible and testing out a variety of sizes before deciding which is best to go for.

What size display would you want to see with the iPhone 6 release?

Source: C Technology (translated).


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