LG G Flex drop test, curved doesn’t mean unbreakable


While we have seen more Full HD displays added to smartphones this year we have also seen some with different shapes courtesy of LG and Samsung, and today we have an LG G drop test video for your viewing pleasure where a curved display doesn’t mean unbreakable.

We have seen a number of drop test videos over the last few months with a whole range of desirable mobile devices possibly meeting their maker after crashing down to a hard service, and the latest punishment is dished out to the LG G Flex.

The video is courtesy of the guys over at Android Authority and the device features the self healing rear, so we get to see how this stands up in testing. To start with the smartphone is dropped onto its back at a height of around 4 feet and as usual the sound of the device hitting the solid floor is not for the fainthearted.

This leaves some small marks close to the edge of the rear cover before we move onto the drop onto the bottom edge of the device, which produces an even more horrible sound upon impact. The device bounces quite high travelling some distance away from the point of impact.

We see fragments coming away from the device which soon become apparent that these came from the display, which is left with some long cracks running the length of it. This may have been the result of the high bounce and not the initial impact and the device still works.

The video now moves onto the dreaded screen drop which causes more cracking to the display that does still work but you now run the risk of cutting your fingers though from the cracks. Towards the end of the video we get a look at the self healing back to see how it stands up but we won’t spoil this for you.

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