Nokia Lumia 101 smartwatch with flex display


The Nokia Lumia 101 smartwatch designed by Deviantart user David Hernandez Quijada aka ibolzurikato looks fantastic; it looks more like a bracelet rather than a smartwatch with hints of elegance slipping through.

There are so many people that prefer elegance rather than bulky watches, but to be fair the Nokia Lumia 101 smartwatch is for those that prefer dainty, and for those that most definitely prefer minimalistic accessories.

You take a look at the Sony smartwatch or the Samsung Galaxy Gear; these are bulky smartwatches that look like watches. However, the Nokia Lumia 101 smartwatch has the FitBit feel about it.

This Lumia 101 concept features Gorilla Glass 2 protection OLED 1080 x 110 pixel touch flex display, LTE, Bluetooth 4.0, it also features player control, ID calling, email reading abilities, answer calls handsfree, it is also shock and dirt resistant, and not forgetting water resistant.

These would come in many colors such as yellow, blue and red; we really love the look of the Nokia Lumia 101 smartwatch.

What do you think about the Nokia Lumia 101 smartwatch with flex display?

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