Smarty Ring campaign running out of time


The brilliant Smarty Ring that is being showcased on the crowd-funding site Indiegogo only has 69 hours left to run looks like this campaign is not going to make it.

It is going to be such a shame because I would have loved these to hit the market; I would have even bought these as wedding rings as they are different. Who wants the boring wedding ring anyway?

The Smarty Ring would put a stop to the getting the phone out of your pocket or bag etc, we all check our phones all the time and this new accessory would be great for security issues as well. Getting a smartphone out in public when you do not need to could stop the potential thief, because you would only need to check the Smarty Ring.

Smarty Ring would be great on wedding finger pic 2

The new Smarty Ring will alert you of notifications via your smartphone, you may have a text messages or a Facebook notification, check out the video below to see the ring in all its glory.

I love the design a lot and would love to get my hands on one; they look classy and elegant and would make the perfect wedding ring for some. The Smarty Ring specs include Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, tracking features include outgoing and incoming call notifications as well as e-mail messages, alerts for text and real-time Twitter, Facebook, Skype and Hangout update alerts.

The materials are great as well because the Smarty Ring is made from allergy free, surgical quality stainless steel. Looks good on both man and woman with style and class factor.

Smarty Ring would be great on wedding finger pic 3

The LED display is great for day and night use. Looks fantastic, you can go swimming with it, and it comes with its own charging dock that looks classy in itself. $9,720USD has been raised so far of a $40,000 goal, with only 69 hours left to run, which means this will not make the crowd funding. For more information and the option to back the Smarty Ring please visit Indiegogo.

Would you like to own a Smarty Ring?

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