AVG Privacy Fix app for social media networking


Many mobile phone, desktop and laptop owners will know very well that AVG provides antivirus software for free, and the latest product recently released is the AVG Privacy Fix app for Android users.

The AVG Privacy Fix app for Android has caused a little stir in the Google Play Store commenting area, some are saying that it is fantastic and works well and others are saying they are going to uninstall it because they do not like it — we will let you be the judge of this.

This app has been out a while on the iOS platform, and now Android users can get to grips with managing online privacy settings via their smartphones, this is a great app if you use the likes of Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn and many other social media networks.

Instead of going into the social media network to change privacy settings etc AVG Privacy Fix allows users to access online privacy settings via their smartphone/tablet etc.

It shows you what you are sharing on Facebook, Google and LinkedIn, it allows you to change things, it features ‘WiFi Do Not Track’, which is an enhanced privacy setting that will protect users against unwanted WiFi surveillance. In a nutshell this means users of the application can block tracking of their location enabled by Wi-Fi networks wherever they are.

For more information and the option to install AVG Privacy Fix app, please head on over to Google PlayAre you already using AVG Privacy Fix? If you are, we would love to know what you think of it.


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