iOS 7.1 public release delay despite Beta 3 imminence


The iOS 7 operating system hasn’t been without its issues since it was originally released alongside the latest iPhone models a few months ago, and since then we have seen some minor updates to the OS, but now there are claims that the iOS 7.1 public release could see a delay despite the Beta 3 imminence.

Apple earlier this month released the second beta for the upcoming iOS 7.1 operating system to developers for testing, and previously the full public release of the firmware was expected to arrive next month.

Now though it is being claimed that another new build of iOS 7.1 is being seeded to the company’s testing partners, but a public release of the operating system is being pegged not to happen until March 2014.

The new build hasn’t yet been released to developers and it is wondered if the release delay is down to the upcoming iOS in Car feature. This could also mean that Apple pushes out iOS 7.0.5 ahead of the iOS 7.1 release.

iOS 7.1 is expected to bring a whole host of bug fixes for the platform but it remains to be seen if this rumour holds water but only time will tell.

Do you think we will have to wait until March to see iOS 7.1 released?

Source: BGR.


One thought on “iOS 7.1 public release delay despite Beta 3 imminence”

  1. Apple ganger says:

    March is a long time to wait for an update but if it was concrete and Apple would stop being so secretive with helping the mistakes they made with the iOS7 platform and let the millions of people out there with their product by letting everyone know that the problems are being fixed so we all don’t think we should have went with Android, Google or Windows to have a good working product. To late for many because of the fact we are still paying for the product that’s supposed to be the best?

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