iOS 7 tweaks using DockShift or TransparentDock via Cydia


There are many iOS 7 tweaks out there on the Web, and today we have two that allows users to change the iOS 7 dock background thanks to DockShift and TransparetDock.

The new DockShift has many different ways you can choose from when it comes to changing the iOS 7’s dock background. You can choose many backgrounds such as the more blurry look that is different to the default o you could even choose the transparent dock background.

DockShift has 12 different backgrounds to choose from, which includes the transparent background.

Napster-Grey developed DockShift and users must have iOS 7, there are other alternatives such as TransparentDock by Jonathan Bailey. This is another iOS 7 dock background changing tweak that you will find in Cydia.

It has been suggested that DockShift is better because this one can remove the background, TransparentDock does not come with configurations or settings options, it can do other things though, which we will let you find out for yourself.

Please do be warned that both DockShift and TransparentDock will not work on the iPhone 5S, head on over to BigBoss repo in Cydia and search for either DockShift or TransparentDock

What iOS 7 dock background changing tweak do you prefer the most given the choice of DockShift or TransparentDock?


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