Real Elektra Nails works on smartphones and tablets


Ladies, have you ever had problems using your smartphone when your nails are too long? If this has happened to you we know Elektra Nails will be something you will love.

Elektra Nails are going on sale Q4 2014 and these are the only nails you can use as a stylus that actually look like the top quality false nails you can get applied in a salon.

The capacitive stick-on nails called ‘Elektra Nails’ will be showcased at CES 2014 starting tomorrow, these will not leave fingerprints on your smartphone or tablet because you will the nail acts as a stylus.

The Elektra Nail can be stuck to one finger using the normal nail-glue or pads; the other fingers can just use the standard fingernails. No need to use 10 Elektra Nails, only one is needed for the finger you use on your smart device. Each pack comes with 6 nails.

There is a special way on how the Electra Nail is put on your finger, we recommend you read the ‘How to apply Elektra Nails’ here, if and when you purchase please be aware that the Elektra Nails may not work with some screen protectors and cases, if they do not then just remove the screen protector or case and all will work ok.

At the moment there is no pricing for the Elektra Nails, we will keep you posted. In the meantime please do watch the video of them in actions — Will you be buying the new Elektra Nails when they are released?

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