Yes Drill Sergeant free iPhone fitness app provides humour


This is the time of year that more people look to lose some weight that may have been put on over the holiday season and get fitter, we now have news of the Yes Drill Sergeant free iPhone fitness app that provides some humour to training.

This free application has a drill sergeant theme in a fitness app and comes fully featured with some engaging content and missions. The application has been designed with the aim of making fitness training more fun and enjoyable by using audio from training coaches playing the part of drill sergeants.

The app will not only provide encouragement the sergeants will keep things entertaining and users can select a sergeant, mission, and their favourite music track. Not only will they issue orders the sergeants will also tract a user’s progress with feedback provided for complete and incomplete missions.

There are various training missions for various lengths so if you don’t have much time to spare there is still something that can be done. Users begin with a rank of private but as they progress will move up the ranks, and when you have reached the cadet they can choose the training style that is best for them.

Each sergeant has different personalities, training styles, and exercises with some focusing on endurance while others concentrate on strength, agility, or flexibility. The first drill sergeant is free and if you like the app others can be purchased, and the app comes with many positive reviews from those that have already downloaded it.

Yes, Drill Sergeant! 1.0.2 is free and available worldwide via the App Store for owners of the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad running iOS 6.0 or later.

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