ABC app puts limits on shows like The Bachelor


On January 6th ABC started the new restriction to its next-day access to all the new TC show episodes, this applies to all website subscribers of the Hulu Plus and pay-TV affiliates.

ABC shows were always available to all for free, but the new update or systems as they are calling it will now only allow paying subs, and it is only these that are paying that will get next-day access.

It goes a little deeper than this though, according to Gigaom who were the first to report this mentions that Alphabet net do not have deals with Dish Network, DirecTV, Time Warner Cable as well as a few other. All ABC shows after one week without subscription will be free.

This also accounts to the Watch ABC app, it seems that Internet EPS to authenticated access would be eventually moved. This new move will not be happy with many of its customers and since this happened on January 6th we would like to ask ABC users how they feel about this.

The move has affected both ABC app and ABC.com website, this means next-day access to TV shows such as The Bachelor and Pretty Little Liars has begun — How do you feel about this ABC new system?

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6 thoughts on “ABC app puts limits on shows like The Bachelor”

  1. TiredOfOverpayingForSoLittle says:

    Please feel free to tell WatchABC sponsors like Academy Sports, Walgreens, and Verizon, along with some of the other commercial-providers I have darn near memorized, that I will no longer be watching Once Upon a Time or Nashville or Grey’s Anatomy on any medium of delivery. Not TV, iPad or iPhone. There is so much else available (cheers for Amazon Prime and Netflix), with so much less hassle. I was willing to put up with the ridiculous number of commercial breaks and mind-numbing repetition. I get the need for advertising. I run a business. But I’m already paying Dish Network a criminal amount and I have so little free time. Bye-bye! App deleted.

  2. Buffy Summers says:

    ABC and ABC Family are going to lose many viewers because of this. Most dramas need you to have seen the previous episode. this means that if you miss an episode, you won’t even watch the next one even if you can – because you haven’t seen the previous yet. previously people caught up on prev episodes online without much hustle, and therefore the system attracted new fans and fans who missed episodes. From now on, you miss a PLL episode and you’re done with the show for good.

  3. Michelle Morman Owen says:

    This is obnoxious. I am a full time working mom. I only get to watch tv when I work out, which was in watch ABC. And I am a paying dish network subscriber. Obnoxious.

  4. mom2twins09 says:

    Highly upset! I am a single parent of twins and I cannot afford cable. I have a service through t mobile where I could watch shows next day but now that had changed even though I pay for the service! Hulu Plus does not offer all the shows I watch. When I contacted ABC, they sent a cookie cutter message that said to go to iTunes or amazon to pay for episodes. That message showed they did not read my message because why would they suggest a paid service or to contact my tv provider when I stated in my email that 1. I did not have cable and 2. I am on a fixed income and cannot afford cable. ABC and Disney had turned into a heartless company. I am sure Walt Disney himself would not like the direction his lifes work is going.

  5. Kitty says:

    MSNBC podcasts just got a more loyal listener!
    I used to listen to Good Aorning America and The View on my iPhone in the car to catch up on news and entertainment, as I am not home when they air.
    Now I have to pay for cable to be able to use an app to watch free network TV??
    Shove off ABC! You were #1 in the morning but I am sure that will quickly change.

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