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Quite often certain mobile applications quickly grab a lot of followers and headlines for one reason or another, and one such app in the last few days is the Cartoon HD app for iOS but today we have an alternative after the iOS removal for some users.

A few days ago we told you how the Cartoon HD application was removed from the App Store for some users, but you could still use the app if you had already downloaded it. Today we have news of a couple of alternatives for the iOS platform for you to download.

First up we have the Cartoon HD – Collection cartoon movie HD on mobile application that promises a collection of cartoon’s that was released back on December 10 2013, but the app has got some mixed reviews but it is a free download and is available via the App Store for owners of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch running iOS 4.3 or later.

There is also a Pro version of the app available on the App Store for UK iOS users that is priced at £1.99 but this also comes in for some criticism of the app crashing, but contains some good cartoons. These are alternatives to the free Cartoon HD and Cartoon HD Pro that costs $2.99 which have both been removed from the App Store in the UK.

Some users have complained that the Cartoon HD app that was removed from the App Store has messed up their iOS device and have had to restore the factory settings to get it working again, while others have deleted the app and have not managed to get it back via iCloud.

Are you still using the Cartoon HD app?


132 thoughts on “Cartoon HD app alternative after iOS removal”

  1. Sammi1906 says:

    I’m still using my cartoon hd app with no problems, apparently apple mistakingly put it up as bring free, so many people went crazy for it before they sorted the issue?

    1. Annon says:

      Cartoonworld. No spaces, still up on app site. Same app just re named, there is a few names for the same app. Looks like it was put up by pirate sites that stream.

        1. Bozzo says:

          Try the App Store, lol. And no way cartoon HD was ever legal, all this it’s a mistake and it should cost £20 is crap, it is streaming illegal content, some filmed in cinema, totally illegal.

    1. Darren says:

      If you synced your iPhone/iPad after downloading it, but before deleting it, then it will be in your App library in iTunes, and you can add it back to the device. Same thing happened to me. It cannot be re-downloaded from Purchase History. Not sure if that helps… I also downloaded CartoonWorld. Does the same thing, just slightly different interface

  2. The Gurru says:

    ive still got it on my iphone 5 its working well and ive got some great upto date movies on it that arent even out in DVD yet or sky movies box office

  3. Will790 says:

    I Accidentally deleted from my ipad mini iv try geting back with icloud and that didnt work since then iv tryed every thing to get it back but nothing has worked iv tryed the new cartoonworld but it didnt have the movies i wanted. I was wandering if anyone new a way of geting it back. thanks 🙂

  4. hertsgirl says:

    So glad I downloaded this before it got taken off of the Playstore. Illegal it may be, but the content is top quality (no way filmed from a cinema screen). Even if there can be no more updates the current content more than compensates.

  5. jayj84 says:

    I have the app and it works fine. its updated itself with some more top recent films. If someone could tell me how I email an app I will gladly try

  6. Aynne says:

    I downloaded the app minutes before it was taken down from iOS, it’s great. New moves are added all the time, like Gravity and The hunger games catching fire

  7. Pat Lim-Chor says:

    Apparently this app with English title was removed but i found that the app with the same cartoons app is available in the developer’s native language & subtitles. The cartoons are in original English audio. The app tends to crash but it does play. Try search “phim hoạt hình – tuyển tập phim hoạt hình trên di Ä‘á»™ng” for the free version in AppStore under iPhone. This’s not the Cartoon HD app with movies but the app as shown in the pic above if you are interested. Good luck.

  8. LadyApril says:

    Google search ” Anime/Cartoon Plus TV” 1st top search result on page will lead you to the source download link. Good luck if you are interested.

  9. wolfpacksdawg says:

    You idiot not listening everyone can get the app off the official cartoon HD website. Download it from there, then transfer it from your computer to your android via usb. After that click the application and run the installation on your Android device.


    1. Helll says:

      Search cartoon hd then click on the first link then click install with appstore then let the app download then click continue and you have the app back…

  10. missbabee French says:

    Had the app on my sumsung galaxy s3 but had to factory set it cuz of sofware glitch. Now all other apps on the fone has been restored except that.can someone please help me restor it or ge the app? Been up most of the night trying to get it…plssss missbaaba@googlemail.com. many thanks

    1. Hi says:

      There is a way to fix it if you have it already downloaded
      1. Go to general
      2. Go to date and time
      3. Change the date to like a month back
      4. Go to Cartoon Hd
      5. Enjoy The App

  11. Georgia says:

    There is a way to get it back and it’s simple
    1. Search cartoon hd in safari
    2.click on first website that pops up
    3.click where it says available on App Store
    4.click install
    5.wait for it to install
    6. Click continue
    Bam it’s back

  12. cartoon Hd Works says:

    There is a way to fix it if you have it already downloaded
    1. Go to general
    2. Go to date and time
    3. Change the date to like a month back
    4. Go to Cartoon Hd
    5. Enjoy The App Again

  13. Mano says:

    the app is not dead just underground. As ppl have said roll back your date to say a year ago. The app will still say that it is gone for good if you select categories. However, if you use the search option and type in names it will bring up movies/episodes and such…downside is that you have to know general terms and phrases now.

  14. sha says:

    I’ve rolled back the date on my phone and i pad and its still not working? how come evey1 else seem to have it working with this simple trick?

  15. Daniellachloe says:

    I downloaded cartoon hd before it got removed from the App Store and I recently upgraded to ios6 and now it won’t let me access the app once you click on it, it crashes out someone help

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