Optus Samsung Ativ S OTA update reboot problems


There seems to be a few Optus Samsung Ativ S owners having issues since downloading the latest software, one of the main problems focuses on the handset rebooting all the time.

On January 16, 2014 Grant Stokes shared his issue with the Microsoft Community under the Samsung Ativ S section, he said that his particular smartphone keeps rebooting all the time after the OTA update.

He said that there was the new OTA update so he went ahead with it, he mentioned that these updates always download without a hitch so he just went ahead with it. He done the install and since doing so he said it went all horribly wrong, at first it was ok and then it just started continually rebooting.

Grant left the rebooting process for 3 hours and nothing, he then took the battery out and still this did not help, he even tried a hard reset using WMPowerUser’s help guide to hard reset and still no go, it did not work.

After he tried the hard reset and installed the OTA update it just started all over again with the rebooting issue. He said all he sees is blue windows phone screen and then “samsung mob!le” and then reboot.

We are calling out to other Optus Samsung Ativ S owners — are you having the same problem?


3 thoughts on “Optus Samsung Ativ S OTA update reboot problems”

  1. Fozzy2229 says:

    Sure am. Identical problem and with Optus also. I didn’t have time to muck around so I went and bought a new one, however it wouldn’t even update to GDR2 so had issues with gmail contacts and Internet sharing. I’m assuming Optus realised they had a problem and pulled the update.

    I was in NZ today and used a Telecom NZ SIM and I got the GDR3 update so all good, however pretty dirty on Optus!!

  2. chuckills says:

    I bought an unlocked phone from JBHIFI factory scoop and after only 3 days of owning it the update in question installed. Then constant rebooting. I am on the Telstra network however. I took it back in to the store and am still waiting for my replacement. I am hesitant to install the updates again when I receive it but I want the new features of GDR3 if that’s what it is :-/

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