Facebook status game, secret message trap for 2014


There is a new Facebook status game for 2014 that puts secret messages on profiles for suspected victims to comment, once they do they fall into the trap.

I was looking at my Facebook profile on my mobile phone and noticed random and weird messages on my wall, one from my brother said, “I’ve decided to start wearing rubber underwear, takes care of any leaks and they make me so horny”, another from my Fiancee said, “Get in, I have been accepted to go on The Cube.”

When I asked my partner if this were true she said she was sworn to secrecy, go like or comment on your brothers message and see what happens. So I decided to comment on hers and this is when I fell into the Facebook status message game prank.

I did not continue the game on because it is not what I like to do, for me it’s a waste of time, its all harmless and fun but I just do not have the time to carry the game on — ok I’m a spoil spoilt. Below you will see the messages you can choose from, you have to choose one of these after you receive an inbox message explaining how the Facebook 2014 game works.

You will get to see these and use these messages:

1. I have a spare One Direction ticket if anyone fancies coming along with me.
2. I think i am in love with my dog, is it legal to take things further, we have already kissed and he seems to like it?
3. I’ve decided to start wearing rubber underwear, takes care of any leaks and they make me so horny.
4. Is it wrong that I used to masturbate when I heard my parents making love?
5. I really don’t know how to tell everyone but I’m fed up of hiding it I’m gay.
6. Would everyone who has had sex with me in the last 6 months please get in touch. I’m afraid I have some bad news.
7. Get in, I have been accepted to go on The Cube.
8. Can I get my genital warts removed on the NHS?
9. For anyone who has read the story in the paper, just for the record they never told me they were 15.
10. Is now in an open relationship, swing baby!
11. If I get 250 likes I will burn off my pubes, film it and post it on Facebook.
12. Does anyone else’s semen taste of Brie or is it just me?
13. First post > big c**k horse sex Then comment > shit, that was meant to go into Google, how do I delete my status????

Note remember you can only use one of these sentences. No explanations or comments, if somebody likes or comments on your status you have to send them the message. You must do it and please , keep the secret….. Your turn

Have you been fooled by the 2014 Facebook status game?


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