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We all love simplicity, but this is only rewarding if it does not become confusing. Google recently released its new Google Apps sign-in page that is consistent with the Gmail login update, which released last year.

Google has decided that it is so much easier to provide a simple base for signing into Google accounts, some may get to see the Google Apps sign-in page now and some business may not so please be patient — it could take up to four weeks for it to be totally up and fully running.

If you are an organization with Google Apps you must be aware that you will not be able to personalize your Google Apps sign-in page with custom logos and colors, the same look will be identical across the board.

Names will no linger be accepted to login, Google users will have to use their full email address such as mark@phonesreview.co.uk, and all links to your custom URL will still work, they will just redirect to the new page. If you are wondering about the single sign-on domains with a network mask do not worry because users will get a new Google sign-in page if they decide to login from outside the SSO network mask, this will not change the SSO domains without a network mask.

Google is changing a lot at the moment and the new login change is a good idea, it means it will be consistent for Gmail, Google Drive, Google Apps and Google Calendar.

Phones Review Says
The Google login / sing-in call it what you may change will not be such a major problem for the general user, but for businesses we can see this being a complete pain in the backside because it means their brand will not longer be in show.

Switching from one Google account to another is now very simple indeed, it will now save all your login history so all accounts are simple to enter with ease. For more information please visit the Google support page here.

How do you feel about the new Google App sign-in update?


10 thoughts on “Gmail login consistent with new Google Apps sign-in”

    1. CIS Admin says:

      Really??? This is a struggle, then you must be a very NON tech savy person to say the least. Maybe a little less convenient for Google Apps users, but it’s no “struggle” it’s still bloody simple to login, and definitely allows you easier access to switching accounts etc.

  1. Steve S says:

    On my desktop and laptop I can sign in to Google using my email address. On my phone (Moto G) it constantly tells me the username/password is wrong. Anyone else found this and hopefully fixed it?

  2. jeannie says:

    I just moved to gmail from the Yahoo disaster. I just want to be able to sign in to my email without all the rest of the crap. Can’t you keep it simple for those of us who don’t want to talk to the rest of the world and would like a bit of privacy. I may not last long with Google at this rate.

    1. charlessi says:

      I am in total agreement with you. I think there is no need for anyone to know who I wish to write or talk to. Stop this stupidness. I think Google should spent with thier family and stop creating criminal ideals.

  3. fjb says:

    This is a terrible change. There’s no excuse for a login page that requires my full email when the bookmark that got me there in the first place already contains the domain name.

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