Kobo app for Android, problems after update


With more people now owning mobile devices of some description it has changed the way we view media with lots of users now reading written content on their mobile device. This can be done via the huge range of applications that are available, but the Kobo app for Android has been experiencing problems for some users since after a recent update.

The Kobo application allows users of an Android smartphone or tablet PC to read books from a huge variety of authors and categories at anytime or anywhere. They can browse through over 3.5 million free or more affordable titles, which include award winners, bestsellers, and even new releases.

Users can easily start again from where they were last reading and the app will sync their notes, bookmarks, and highlights allowing users to keep reading across all of their mobile devices. There is a night mode that makes it easier to read at night, and the content can be locked into portrait or landscape mode.

Trouble is the Kobo for Android application was recently updated and some users are complaining of issues such as not being able to search for anything, while other users are complaining that the app won’t even open now or just crashes without warning.

It is unclear how widespread this issue is but hopefully the developers will quickly provide a new update fixing any bugs the app currently has. Kobo can be found via this Google Play link.

Have you had issues with Kobo?


5 thoughts on “Kobo app for Android, problems after update”

  1. Bmkc says:

    I can only read a few if my older books. I purchased two new books, but won’t download. Very frustrating as the charge is on my visa with nothing to show for it! I have tried other ereaders to no avail.

  2. jggandme says:

    Yes after installing the latest update I can’t open any of the books in my library.I spent over an hour on the phone with tech support but nothing worked.Before the update the app worked great.

  3. David França Mendes says:

    Yes, it’s been almost a week since the last time I could read anything in Kobo Android app. I have it installed in my Moto X and LG Gpad tablet and the problem is the same in both devices: I try to open a book, a blank page appear, as if loading the book, but the loading never ends, also making the device hot and draining an awful lot of baterry power. In the Gpad I had to restart the device to even see other apps.

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