Nokia Lumia 925 review on Vodafone, great camera


During 2013 Nokia launched a number of new handsets to the buying public running the Windows Phone 8 operating system, one such device that hit the market last summer was the Nokia Lumia 925 that we have for review on the Vodafone network which has a great camera.

The version of the Nokia Lumia 925 we have been sent on the Vodafone network is the special edition 32GB storage model, which is great for saving all those quality images that you will be taking as there is no memory expansion possible on this device.

In the box you get a wall charger with a USB cable that connects to it or a PC, along with a headset and a little key for opening the SIM card door. The device is basically a step up from the Lumia 920 and as soon as you first hold the device in the hand you can feel the Nokia build quality is still present.


We have an aluminium polycarbonate body with the power, volume, and dedicated camera button along one side which I personally like but may not be to everyone’s tastes. As a regular user of the Android and iOS platforms it can take a while to get used to the WP8 operating system, and in some areas it those feel rather limited.

It does have plenty of plus points though and the customizable Live tiles are a great feature and navigating through the operating system is a breeze, and the biggest criticism that can be made is the lack of quality applications available at the moment. I also didn’t like some of the apps that were available especially Facebook but some users may actually prefer this layout.


The Nokia Black update has been rolling out to a number of the Lumia range and was available for this handset, but previous updates to the device have brought the likes of Nokia Glance that shows a dimmed clock when the device is locked, and a quick double tap will wake the phone showing the battery life and notifications then a quick swipe will fully unlock the device.

The 4.5-inch AMOLED ClearBlack display may not be among the market leaders but its 768 x 1280 resolution offers a bright and vibrant experience, and has the useful feature especially this time of year of being usable with gloved hands. The display despite only being 4.5-inches does feel rather wide in the hand, and makes one handed use rather difficult unless you have massive hands.


Now where this handset excels against many others is its main rear camera, and while the 8-megapixel shooter has been left behind by newer Nokia offerings, its features and quality are still up there with the best.

Its PureView lens coupled with Image Stabilisation and dual LED flash provides some great images or video, and this comes with the latest Nokia Camera software that helps make taking high quality images even easier.

Battery life is good and is helped by the fact that parts of the screen that are not being used closing down, and while the Nokia Lumia 925 may not be the latest and greatest handset from the company it can be had for some competitive pricing plans.

From £29 per month the device can be picked up free with a new two year contract, and the device is 4G ready if you want to take advantage of faster downloads once the coverage of the service has reached your area. All of Vodafone’s Nokia Lumia 925 price plans can be found here.




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