Galaxy Note 3 Android 4.4 vs iPhone 5S iOS 7.1 beta 4, fastest shown


The Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems are constantly being updated to offer improvements and new features, and it’s always interested to see flagship devices compared as far as the latest software is concerned. With this in mind today we want to show you the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 running Android 4.4 vs. iPhone 5S on iOS 7.1 beta 4, which recently made its way into the hands of developers.

The official Android 4.4 KitKat update is now rolling out to various devices while Apple is currently working on iOS 7.1, rumoured to be heading for a public release in March. iOS 7.1 beta 4 was made available for developers a few days ago and we’ve already shown an interesting look at the iPhone 5S, 5, 4S and 4 running the latest beta in an Internet speed test.

Now we have a video to show you, which attempts to answer the question of which is fastest in a very basic speed test— the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N005) on Android 4.4.2 KitKat or the iPhone 5S on iOS 7.1 beta 4. The YouTube video below this story begins with showing that the phones are indeed running the above operating system versions.

Both phones are then powered off before being powered back on again to see which is the fastest to come on. The iPhone 5S is marginally quicker although there’s not too much difference between the two devices in this respect.

What is interesting though is that iOS 7.1 beta 4 appears to be slightly faster and of course this is still in beta stage. It will be intriguing to see what the difference is once it makes it to a final release and whether the iPhone 5S is still faster than the Galaxy Note 3 and by how much.

Are you surprised that the iPhone 5S was quicker to power up than the Galaxy Note 3 considering iOS 7.1 is still in the beta stage? Maybe you’re not convinced by the results of this test, for instance it has been noted that there were more pages to open on the Galaxy Note 3 than on the iPhone 5S? Let us know what you think by dropping us your comments.


21 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 3 Android 4.4 vs iPhone 5S iOS 7.1 beta 4, fastest shown”

  1. John Seydak says:

    You are comparing a stock Apple experience to one of the most fully loaded UI skins put on an Android phone ever. It would be a more reasonable comparison to test the Nexus 5 against the Apple iPhone 5S as both of them offer a stock experience. With that said, I have to applaud Samsung. The fact that they got TouchWiz (which again is the fattest, most bloated phone UI ever) to come that close says alot for their programmers and dev team.

    1. Dmck says:

      I would actually smack the dev team in the face, those features are the reason why they suck, and maybe if they had better devs then they would actually optimize the features to take less power, juice, and space, oh and screen size and resolution don’t matter at all in this process, it’s the software optimization and power that gets the job done, in fact I would actually applaud the apple dev team into beating a samsung galaxy note 3 that has a quad core snapdragon 800 and 3 GB of ram. And don’t forget that the iPhone has 1 GB of ram and 2 cores!!!

      1. Victor A. Ceja Jr says:

        I know it’s amazing what Apple can make the Iphone 5s so fast with 1 GB of ram and with a dual core. Like you said IOS is optimized for the hardware, I thought my Nexus 4 was fast on with it’s s4 pro quad core processor, 2 gb of ram, and pure vanilla android; but after purchasing the Iphone 5s I’m amazed.

      2. tiger says:

        And unlike most Android phones over clocking themselves from factory, iPhones run at optimized GHz as per ARM’s instructions…at a mere 1.3GHz.

  2. J says:

    Well I don’t know what he has running on his note 3 but I watched that an thought something was wrong and watched it again doing the same to mine and mine is a lot faster, perhaps factory reseting it then doing the video again??

  3. EnglishRose says:

    I’ve had both these phones and think they are both great. But give me the note 3 any day. There isn’t that much between them to be honest but what wins it for me is the bigger screen the s-pen and functions and being able to customise your phone how you like. You cannot do that with Apple products and with tech getting more advanced I think it will be a big downfall in the future for apple.

    1. tiger says:

      Not quite…Google is looking to go the other way…simplify things to keep it from overburdening phones.

      Future tech? I think that 5S is far more future proof than Note 3 (or any Android at this time)…why? It has a processor that is based on a thoroughly modern ARMv8 instruction set and 64-bit compatible with future (and plenty of current) apps.

      Everything that Android has now, including Note 3 and N5, is based on a 20+ year old chip architecture. When Google/Android goes to 64-bit and ARMv8 optimized apps, all of these “flagships” will fall on their face and be 2nd class devices.

      If you don’t believe, ask iPhone 5 owners. SKYPE HD is now only for ARMv8 and 64-bit devices. This is just one example of many apps on App Store that has gone ARMv8/64-bit optimized.

      1. Kevin Hodson says:

        Another thing that makes iPhones more future proof is Apple’s obsession over making things work great on phones. iOS works great and will be updated on most of their devices for a long time while android usually stays at the version you bought it with which ruins the experience.

  4. Sandman says:

    Yes, the IPhone is faster. Yes, the IPhone is more stable. But all of you idiots forget one big point. Money. Most of the worlds population is not bathing in cash like Americans. International IPhone prices start at 600$, while you can get an android device that offers almost the same experience for half the price, and some extra, nifty features. Apple made the biggest mistake of all time.

    1. tiger says:

      Hmmm, Apple seems to be making plenty of profits…while Samsung and other Android makers see profits falling down. Samsung makes cheap phones too…yet saw their profits tumbled.

  5. Thomas Schaffer says:

    Really? What does the Apple phone have in features that the Note 3 has? The Note 3 probably has 10x the services to boot…….Well, hope it can boot faster when loading it’s app tray.

  6. James Owinggs says:

    honestly IPhone users are just used to their device. I like iphones cause there tiny and fit in my pocket and I don’t want a 12 inch screen honestly might as well buy a tablet for that.
    plus, iphones have years of future.
    Their chips are far faster far better than the android chips.
    Given apple has more years to experiment but still a great product.
    worth the 600 dollars if you like simplicity and a phone that stays updated for years and runs smoothly with no problem

  7. Andrew says:

    Running a fresh install beta on the I phone when the note 3 is clearly laden with apps, you can even see on the note 3’s task bar its got 3rd party apps that are configured to boot on startup? I wonder many he had to put on it to make it slower than an I phone. The note 3 is far superior. I’m not a Samsung “fan boy” or an “fan boy” I like facts! And the fact is that the Apple hardware is well behind the likes of a note 3 and in a video like this you would think they would be in “out the box” condition and not one full of running apps…

  8. Chris says:

    This is a joke i hope, how long to fire up. Fire up an iphone laden down with nothing! then fire up a galaxy note with that much on it its crazy! this would have to be the lamest article i have seen! there is nothing on the iphone to slow it down a sec or 2. Heres an article put everything on the galaxy note 3 and transfer it to the iphone then fire up the iphone!

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