iGoogle replacement for 2014 brings BlueG release


The iGoogle shutdown shocked all those that used it when Google decided it was no longer needed, those that were avidly using their personal homepage had to go out and find alternatives — But, the Creative Director of BlueG read our Phones Review iGoogle alternatives article and decided to let us know about a new replacement.

BlueG is a new iGoogle compatible site that allows users to create their personal homepage in seconds, they can add gadgets featuring news feeds and new apps, and of course those that had Phones Review can now have us back on their very on BlueG homepage.

Did you know you that you can add your favorite iGoogle gadgets to your Personal page? You can even choose from thousands of amazing titles all for free etc.

The new release of www.BlueG.com, is itself an iGoogle alternative, which we believe is unique and of potential significant interest to Phones Review followers. BlueG was launched November 1, 2013 and is specifically designed to be a true iGoogle replacement so that iGoogle users can switch to BlueG and hardly notice the difference. All of the most popular and genuine iGoogle gadgets and themes are available on BlueG.

Below are some of the key benefits
Unlike some sites (My MSN, My Yahoo! igHome etc) BlueG does not include ads on the user’s personal page.

The new alternative includes over 10,000 iGoogle gadgets and hundreds of themes. Most of the competitors have far fewer gadgets and themes and what they have are not true iGoogle gadgets and themes but poor replicas.

BlueG enables any news feeds to be added in seconds – just like iGoogle. BlueG replicates iGoogle’s “Canvas view” where you can maximize a gadget full page simply by clicking a title bar button – none of the competitors offer this feature. The new site has integrated popular interest channels such as Music, Entertainment, Games, Gadgets, Sport and Fashion with channel sensitive search capabilities.

The BlueG.com site has seen a 600% increase in visitor numbers over the past 2 weeks alone. We’re receiving daily positive feedback from users, a sample of which can be seen below.

A lot of us miss the iGoogle interface and it’s great to see a company who gets the idea. Google has dropped their gadgets but it’s great that BlueG is continuing on from where they left off. Go visit BlueG right now and let us know what you think.

Will you be using the iGoogle compatible alternative BlueG?


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