Three One Plan price jump not down to 4G launch


Mobile users in the UK have been left behind when it comes to having access to a 4G LTE service when compared to many other countries, things are beginning to change though but the Three One Plan price increase is not being put down to the impending 4G launch.

The 4G market in the UK is slowly heating up with more competition finally becoming available in the market after EE beat its rivals to offer such a service. Many mobile users have found the plans available a little expensive but Three UK have long promised to offer a 4G data service to its customers at no extra cost.

Now before it rolls out its 4G service the carrier has increased the pricing for its hugely popular One Plans, with the £15 a month plan going up to £20, and the 30 day deal increasing by the same amount from £18 up to £23.

Despite what some may think Three have said these price increases are nothing to do with the upcoming launch of its 4G network, and stated that its customers won’t pay any extra for the 4G service it will be providing.

These One Plans from Three obviously include the famous all you can eat data downloads which will make them attractive when compared to some of its rivals offerings, but only yesterday we heard that Tesco Mobile won’t be charging its customers any extra for a 4G service either.

Source: Omio.


4 thoughts on “Three One Plan price jump not down to 4G launch”

    1. M Mouse says:

      From what I’ve seen, you keep paying the same amount. If they want to increase it they must notify you (so check the online bills for any ‘important notes’). I got a deal in October 2008 for 15 GB data (data only) for half price – £7.50 a month – it carried on after Sept 2010 (and would still have carried on after 2012, if I had not cancelled it). The only change was when VAT went from 17.5% to 20% and that was outside their control.

      I was glad to get this deal (with unlimited tethered data too) at 15 a month, before the price hike (and the tethering limit of 2 GB). When it gets to 12 months, if they decide to hike the price or restrict the tethering, I’ll be moving with no hesitation (but I don’t think they will want to lose tens of thousands of customers). Just glad I got in when it was £15 and not the old £25 price!)

  1. Olly Be says:

    if I wasn’t still on my contract with three I would of jumped to Tesco when I was renewing in November the sales person said 4G will come in Dec for free so I renewed now we’re in February and still no 4G -_-

    1. Anton says:

      But the O2 data offering is dreadful. Slow, unreliable. The grass isn’t always greener. `i have 3 3G and EE 4G and generally the 4G is only 10-15% faster.

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