Google Smartwatch design reminds of Star Trek


So far it seems as if smartwatches have failed to capture the public’s imagination in the way that the makers of such devices would have hoped, and many feel they will just be just another passing fad in a similar fashion to 3D TVs. Things may change though if more stylish devices are made available and today we have a Google Smartwatch design that reminds you of something off Star Trek.

Both Samsung and Sony have smartwatches available to consumers with talk that a Galaxy Gear 2 will be totally different from the current model, but the concept design we have for you today from Deviantart user going under the name of StonGreen is certainly more stylish than what is currently available.

As you can see this design is far away from what companies have so far provided, and while having a main display notifications are provided on a second display further down the bracelet. There are not any specifications listed for the device but you would have thought it would be able to handle a number of different Android applications while having some level of internal storage.

The bracelet looks to be able to be closed around the user’s wrist in a one size fits all type of design, and the smartwatch could also allow you to make and receive calls without having to take your handset out of your pocket.

Would you purchase a smartwatch like this?

Source: Deviantart via Concept Phones.

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