Dumping iPhone, use Xperia Transfer Mobile app


There are so many smartphone users out there changing the way they think, some decide to leave Android for iOS and a few move on dumping the iPhone for the Sony Xperia smartphone.

If you are one of those who have decided to leave the Apple iPhone in favour of the Sony Xperia smartphone, do not worry about transferring all your data over.

The ‘Xperia Transfer Mobile’ app allows new Xperia users to swap all their iPhone data over to the Xperia with ease. This is a great app because it can transfer all your photos, music, contacts, movies and even apps from your iPhone to your new Sony Xperia smartphone.

By using this app you do NOT need the aid of the PC, it is as simple as downloading the Xperia Transfer Mobile app on your new Sony Xperia smartphone via the Google Play Store, then just pair it with your old iPhone, of course this app will work if you are changing from an Android phone to another Android device as well — but we wanted to let those leaving the iPhone know it is easy to transfer data.

Once you open the app on the new Xperia and pair with the iPhone you will be able to transfer: Contacts, MMS, Calendar, SMS, Bookmarks, Notes, Photos, Music and Videos.

This Xperia Transfer Mobile app is compatible with any iPhone running iOS 4 and above; it is also compatible with Android devices running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above.

If you are planning on dumping the Apple iPhone in favor of the Sony Xperia handset, please do not worry about transferring all your data.

Are you thinking of leaving the iPhone for the Sony Xperia?


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