Gadgeo Galaxy S3 cases review, stylish protection


There are many owners of mobile devices that like to protect their hardware with some sort of case or bumper, and luckily for the consumer there are loads of products available. If you don’t mind spending a reasonable amount on a product you certainly are provided with some that offer a little more quality, and today we have a Gadgeo Samsung Galaxy S3 cases review that will add some stylish protection to your handset.


We were lucky enough to be sent a couple of cases by British based company Gadgeo, who are a leading company in quality design led smartphone cases. Each case the company sells comes with a lifetime warranty and there are cases available for a number of different smartphones via the retailer’s website, and the company will also ship its products to the international market.


Today we are looking at 2 of the Galaxy S3 cases that Gadgeo sells which are the colourful Retro Carnival and the Rebel XT. The Rebel XT sells for £17.95 while the Carnival is priced at £19.95 and just like all of the Gadgeo cases they come with a 30 day money back guarantee and free shipping to the UK and other European countries.


As you can see the cases are well packaged and remind you of some designer label products and once opened you are met with the two parts of the case, and you also get a screen protector, application squeegee, microfiber cleaning cloth, and fitment instructions.


The cases are really easy to fit to the Galaxy S3 with the shock resistant inner core going on first before the polycarbonate outer impact shell easily sliding into place. These cases have a nice raised lip surrounding the display so coupled with the screen protector your handsets screen will have some nice protection.


Obviously the cases add some bulk to the handset but the device still slid easily into my pocket, and the inner shell really protects the body of the device with even the corners protected. The inner part of the case covers the volume and power buttons, but these still work fine without much extra pressure needed.


The various ports on the handset have cut outs while the Carnival has a little flap protecting the 3.5mm headphone jack. Once fitted the cases have a nice feel to them with the texture of the material providing some extra grip.


These cases certainly give you confidence that if you were misfortunate enough to drop your handset on the floor, everything inside will remain safe, and while the two designs we have on this page may not be to everyone’s taste, the company has many more colours and designs on offer.


There are also cases available for the Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 4/4S, and iPhone 5 so if you are looking for a quality smartphone case at an affordable price give the Gadgeo range a look, and check out more images below.










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