Pro Surfing World Tour iPhone game needs perfect timing


We like to keep our readers informed about updated and new mobile games that can be great for passing the time, especially if they are free to play as well. Today we have news about the Pro Surfing World Tour iPhone game that needs perfect timing to succeed.

The Pro Surfing World Tour iOS app has recently been updated with some improvements to levels 7 and 9, and the game sees users trying to get the perfect timing to create the largest jumps while performing the most tricks.

Users get the chance to compete as a number of different Chibi style characters and play against others around the world competing through a number of stages that each has some unique levels. There are in game leaderboards and tournaments that will provide the perfect platform to highlight your surfing skills.

There are 80 levels in total spread around the surfing hot spots of the world that include the likes of Australia, Hawaii, Europe, Japan, and North America while the 5 different characters are both male and female.

You will ride down a wave trying to land perfectly to gain speed, and the faster you go the higher you will be able to jump, and once you have taken to the air you can perform tricks to gain more points.

Pro Surfing World Tour is available worldwide free on the App Store for owners of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch running iOS 5.0 or later, and check out the demo video below.

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