Secret app is pathetic but yet genius


Facebook and Twitter allow you to post messages so that all your friends and family can see, but that is where the problem lies. This is where the ‘Secret app’ comes into play.

Posting messages on Facebook or Twitter can sometimes get you into trouble, some may have read it wrong or you actually did want to vent of some frustrations online, which in return annoyed a few people — So how about an app that allows you to post secretly?

The ‘Secret – Speak Freely’ app is probably one of the most easiest, simplest apps I have ever come across, in a way it is so pathetic it is genius, I actually really do hate it and that is why I cannot put it down.

Some may worry about the app digging through your contacts in your iPhone, the app then links to all of them that has the Secret app installed. You do not need to set up an account or a profile, which means you cannot friend other users.

If you post a photo or a message it will be done in secret, other users can see it but they do not know whom from. If someone likes your post or photo it will be spread and then it will become visible to all other contacts.

The app is all about — Secrets, Being Anonymous and of course Free of Judgment.

Got something to say that you feel will offend or be taken the wrong way! Then forget about Facebook or Twitter if it’s to the point and use the Secrets app. Users can comment on other posts etc, this is an app where you can be yourself and you can say whatever you want without being questioned.

Download the Secret – Speak Freely app via the App Store right now. For those on Android, this app is not yet available to you.

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