Ember iPhone case for night photography


The iPhone 5, 5S are superb when it comes to photography, even in the dead of night you can get some amazing photos thanks to the flash. But, we do NOT want amazing we WANT astonishingly beautiful crisp photos, and this is all achievable with the new Ember iPhone photography tool case.

Over on Kickstarter you will see a new project titled ‘Ember — The Night Photography Tool for iPhone’ and You can pledge from $5 to $600, so far the campaign has 75 backers and raised $4,758, the goal is to reach a $30,000 goal with 25 days to go — Will you be backing the ‘Ember — The Night Photography Tool for iPhone’ project?

The results are very good when using the iPhone’s camera at night, but it is not perfect, the built-in LED flash helps but the Ember illuminating iPhone case has been specifically designed for nighttime and lowlight condition photography.

Ember iPhone case for night Photography pic 2

The Ember night photography iPhone case features 56 LEDs that are 10x brighter than the iPhone’s flash, main features include: The ability to control the brightness precisely with the slide of a finger, you can use your own accessories with this case such as a camera lens, microphone etc. It comes with an independent battery charges through a micro-USB port on the Ember’s side, and users can slide color filters in and out.

For more information please visit Kickstarter now, will you be making a pledge for the Ember iPhone case?

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