HTC M8 One heir clears FCC, carrier models show


There’s a huge build-up at the moment for the upcoming arrival of the flagship successor to the HTC One, aka the HTC M8. Leaks have been prolific lately about this smartphone, and the latest news is that the HTC M8 One heir has just cleared the FCC and so is one step closer to a release. We now have details of variants of the handset and carrier model numbers.

We’ll point out at this stage that the name of the device is not yet confirmed, but the One successor has variously been referred to as the HTC M8, HTC One 2, All New One and more. Just in the last few days we’ve seen a retail listing appear for the HTC M8 as well as a hands-on video look.

Previously we’ve also seen leaked images purporting to be of the phone sporting AT&T and also Verizon branding. Now it certainly appears that the HTC M8 will be available on all of the big 4 US carriers with news of the FCC spot.

The filing contains connectivity details and from this it’s apparent that the HTC One follow-up will be available in six different models, with support for various bands. To begin with, there’s what looks like an international model (NM80P6B100) supporting 4G LTE on band 7. This band is used in regions such as Europe and Asia.

The next four models are US carrier variants with different 4G LTE bands supported. The AT&T model is NM80P6B120 while the Verizon variant is NM80P6B200. Sprint has the NM80P6B700 and for T-Mobile it’s the NM80P6B160.

Finally there’s model number NM80P6B130 with support for LTE bands 4 and 17, and these bands are commonly used by US regional carriers. Significantly, the samples seem to have been received by the FCC some time ago, as far back as October in fact.

In one last snippet of info, the FCC filling images for the phone show the 3.5mm headset jack placement to the bottom of the device. The HTC M8 is set to be officially introduced in a big fanfare at an event on March 25th, and we’ll be bringing you all the news on the All New HTC One.

Are you eagerly waiting for the arrival of the HTC One successor? Are you pleased to hear that the HTC M8 (or whatever it is eventually called) looks virtually certain to be carried by all of the major carriers in the US?

Source: FCC Via: Phone Arena


One thought on “HTC M8 One heir clears FCC, carrier models show”

  1. ciph3ro says:

    How come they can’t make it work like the Nexus 5 with LTE almost everywhere?

    The carrier grasp on the phone specs, bloatware and limitations such as carrier specific locking is ridiculous.

    I’m hoping this phone will surprise though. As one of the very few Android phones with that solid one piece feel, there is much expected of it.

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