LG G3 design reminiscent of Samsung


Electronics giant LG is looking to grab a bigger slice of the smartphone pie away from its Nexus offerings, and last year the LG G2 was a handset that was well received by those that purchased one. The next big smartphone release from the company could come as soon as June, and the LG G3 design we have for you today is reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy range

As we heard recently the LG G3 is now being tipped to be released in June, which would mean that last year’s model would be less than a year old. The image that you can see on this page is a concept phone idea courtesy of Google+ user Johannes Blanck

The display looks to be around the 5.2-inches mark and you would have thought the device would have at least the quad core Qualcomm 801 quad core processor under the hood. There could also be 3GB of RAM that you would have thought Samsung would have used inside the Galaxy S5.

On the back there would hopefully be at least a 13-megapixel camera with OIS technology and a dual LED flash would be great for low light imagery. At least 16GB of internal storage with microSD card support would be welcomed and of course running the latest version of the Android operating system.

If the LG G3 is due for a launch in June we can expect to start seeing some image leaks of the handset or components of the device in the coming weeks.

Do you like this LG G3 design?

Source: Concept Phones.


7 thoughts on “LG G3 design reminiscent of Samsung”

    1. Xavier_NYC says:

      I have a G2 and I must say it’s easily the best phone I’ve ever had. And no I’m not a fan boy, within the last year alone I’ve had the Iphone 5, HTC One and the G2 and I can easily say it’s been the best. The battery life is absolutely amazing.

    2. seattle one says:

      Lg devices that have come out in the last year are top notch, Like xavier I have the s4 htc one s3 note 2 iphone 5. My lg g2 (slightly tweaked) is like a phone that came from the future.

  1. Tom says:

    If the it is true that the volume buttons are below the camera lens then this would rule out the phone for myself.

    1. It would increase the chance of finger marks on lens when fiddling to access it.
    2. Would be impossible to access when mounted in car cradle.
    3. Also be really annoying when in case with kick stand or folded wallet style.

    It is just a really bad idea,

    1. Max says:

      There is a “knock on” feature introduced by lg that let’s you double tap the screen to wake the device up, it works really well. Also, in the new update there is a feature that let’s you tap a certain pattern on the screen and it will wake the device up and unlock it.

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