iOS 7.1 iMessage problems for iPhone 5, 4S and 4


It’s often the case that after an operating system update various issues can come to light. Apple recently released iOS 7.1 and we have already discussed concerns about depleted battery life and also personal hotspot difficulties. Now it has emerged that plenty of iPhone users are reporting iMessage problems since updating to iOS 7.1.

We noticed an issue with this ourselves on the iPhone 5 in our office, with some messages not sending and seemingly stuck in progress, and others showing as sent but recipients not receiving them. A quick look on the Apple support community forums revealed many cases of other people facing the same or similar difficulties, some saying that their devices cannot activate iMessage since the update.

There are numerous threads reporting these issues, as shown at the source below. There are also plenty of help suggestions, including a network settings reset, and step-by-step instructions from other users who have managed to solve the various issues. While these have worked for many device owners, there are still some who say that the problems persist.

This seems to be affecting various iPhones, but in particular the iPhone 4, 4S and iPhone 5. We’d be really interested to hear from you if you have noticed any iMessage problems since iOS 7.1 arrived. Let us know what device you are using, what issues you are having, or if a fix worked for you?

Source: Apple Support Communities


30 thoughts on “iOS 7.1 iMessage problems for iPhone 5, 4S and 4”

  1. RBrownfield says:

    Yes. I am not receiving messages sent by other people, or if I am, they arrive hours, or even days, later. Also, my messages aren’t sending unless I double-tap on the “sent” message so the option for “send as text message” appears. Then I have to click on that to get my message to send. This has all been since the “upgrade” to 7.1.

    Also, I should not have to recharge the battery twice a day, when I rarely use my iphone.

  2. brandon pyper says:

    piece of shi! iphone update. VM not getting recognized or loading, cannot change greeting, freezing. Suck it Apple, had enough with this crap service. New phone tomorrow.

  3. Jennifer Leanne says:

    I am not receiving messages, my camera doesn’t work unless I reboot the phone, then it only works while I’m using it after the reboot. If I get out of the camera and get back in, it doesn’t work and I have to reboot. Front facing camera doesn’t work at all. Can’t change VM greeting, and the phone is constantly freezing. If someone calls, I can’t unlock the phone to answer it. (This last one isn’t all the time) This update is the worst ever. I have a 5s.

  4. Carol says:

    On my 4S I too have to resend as “Text” to get my test messages to go. Also battery wears down after little usage. Hot Spot threading doesn’t work even 20% of the time when sinking with my laptop computer.

  5. Anthony Talbert says:

    I was getting almost two days of battery life if I wasn’t using the phone or using apps heavily. Now I am lucky to get 12 hours. Just noticed missed messages from my wife — sent from Samsung phone and a different carrier.
    Thanks, Apple. Is this a way to get me to buy an iPhone 6 🙂

  6. Ra says:

    In the name for the IPhone 4S, the 4S means 4-shit. IPhone does not give a damn about its customers. I will never buy another of their devices. They are jus screwing customer. IPhone don’t care about you. stay away from them.

  7. Fed up says:

    My phone cuts off. Siri pops up on her own offering help and it gets stuck in that mode. Music starts playing loudly and won’t turn off. WTF!!!!! So sick of updates wrecking my phone!

  8. Rachwil888 says:

    Since the update my battery drains been awful. Go to bed with 80% and wake up with 30%! Also other iphone users are not receiving my iMessages all the time! Been an apple user for 5 years and since I purchased a Samsun tablet I’m now andriod all the way! Will be ditching this piece of **** soon as I can

  9. Wayne says:

    HELP!!! Swiping deosnt work, you have to double tap a black box round what you want??go into settings but can’t scroll down to check or change anything. Wtf?

  10. Christine says:

    I have a iphone 5s only a month old imessages say they don’t send but they do people reply straight away but I don’t get the message until an hour or so later it is absolute rubbish the amount of messages i am resending because they aren’t being sent is ridiculous!!! They better fix this up asap!!!

  11. Natalie says:

    Iphone 5s: Ever since updating to iOS 7.1 my imessage has been very difficult with me. Whenever I try to imessage someone it sends but comes up with a ‘not delievered’ message. I have tried turning imessage off and on and resetting network settings but none of this fixed the problem. Another problem that I have noticed is that my cellular continuously cuts out. Really hoping Apple fixes this bug with a update soon.

  12. jess says:

    iphone 4s. i have been recieving imessages up to 19hours after they were sent. and a large majority of my imessages are failing and sending as text message instead

  13. Jay says:

    iPhone 5 here. iMessage does not let me send photos to other iDevices, but I can receive photos from others. I can only send texts through iMesssage.

  14. annoyedinsaigon says:

    i didn’t even need to update to start having problems. all i did was change my icloud password last night and the imessage/facetime madness began; i thought updating finally (i had not enough room because of being too lazy to move pictures off my phone) would solve the problem and now i see it actually made it even worse. before i just couldn’t send form my cell number associated with the account; now i am having difficulties even sending from my email addresses and am told by friends that they’re unable to reply to my imessages, and that they’re not getting my facetime calls. THIS IS HORRIBLE. i live in asia and heavily rely on these services to communicate with friends and family back home. UNACCEPTABLE!

  15. Amit says:

    After updating to iOS 7.1 on my iphone 4 (I am in India) , I am experiencing following issues : 1. Wifi hotspot settings doesn’t save ‘APN’ and as such I cannot use hotspot feature; 2. imessage cannot verify my cell number as such I cannot use imessage with my phone number, though I have connected it with my email ID; 3. Battery stand by slightly reduced. A quick fix is required by Apple.

  16. peterl777 says:

    my whole communication with text messaging is completely ruined…imessage no longer works at all and text messages rarely come through to me from others

  17. EDZiLLUH says:

    this just started to happen to me yesterday….out of nowhere my iphone 5 stopped sending text/imessage, the bar will fill up like 75% & stops while saying “sending”. i also can’t receive messages nor calls. i went to AT&T swapped my sim & the problem persists. i was told to go to Apple so we’ll see how that goes. i reset the network settings, did a master reset or whatever & nothing. only after turning off my phone then turning it back on i’ll be able to message people temporarily just to have the problem happen all over again

  18. Kimberley7 says:

    My iPhone 4s will usually not receive iMessages although a few have come in up to 24 hours late. My daughters iPhone 4 won’t even let iMessage turn on – says “activation failed”. So she is chewing through her allowance because everything has to be sent via text. Telstra said its an apple problem. Apple said its a Telstra problem. Maybe I need an Android and Optus? Very frustrated. This problem is about a week old but I updated phone at least 3 weeks ago.

      1. Kimberley7 says:

        My phone has resolved after a reset. My daughters 4s still has no iMessage or FaceTime despite 4 hours in Apple. It is defiantly not a Telstra problem – a fact that apple FINALLY admitted.

  19. Ricardo says:

    I’ve had various problems since doing the update, hotspot not working, my alarm not going off even though it was set and most annoyingly iMessages not coming through to my phone and I have a 5c.

  20. Ameet says:

    I updated and now my flashlight and rear camera don’t work. The forward camera works and when I try to switch to the rear it freezes uo.

  21. Kimberley7 says:

    My phone was resolved after a reset. My daughters 4s still has no iMessage or FaceTime despite 4 hours in Apple. It is defiantly not a Telstra problem – a fact that apple FINALLY admitted. No closer to solution they said just to wait! For how long? Until we buy a new phone?

  22. apple says:

    i have iphone5 updated to ios7.1.1. I can not send any pictures via imessage to another iphone 5, but i can receive pictures from iphone 5 and send the pictures to ipad. I have tried to turn imessage off then reset iphone and turn imessage on, reset network, deleted contact and created a new contact and sent as a new message. Nothing worked. imessage status first stated as gray delivered, a few minutes later changed to red not delivered.

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