Cartoon HD app for iOS suggested route and caution


The Cartoon HD app for iOS has been generating a lot of interest and concern and we have written about this previously. The app was pulled from the App Store, although there now appears to be another route to obtain it, but we’re also throwing in a caution.

We first reported on this app back in January when the app was removed from the App Store. Thousands of people had downloaded it free of charge after a message promoting it appeared on Facebook, although it had been intended that the price would be around £20.

The app contained popular full-length movies and cartoons and many people couldn’t quite believe they were getting this all for nothing, and they were still able to do so after the app was removed. However, those who hadn’t already downloaded the app were denied the chance when it was pulled by Apple.

Further to this, later in January we told how some readers who had downloaded the app had found it had affected their device and were having to restore factory settings, and at the same time we suggested some alternatives to the app. Interestingly we have just got wind of another way to download the Cartoon HD app and after trying this for ourselves we’re passing on the information.

If you head to this GappCenter page you’ll see Cartoon HD details and links to download it from the App Store, Google Play or Windows Phone Store. Although we know that if you go to the App Store you won’t find it, we thought we’d check it out directly from this GappCenter page and tried this on an iPad. We were surprised when the app downloaded without any snags straight to the device and is now up and running.

It’s early days but we’ve had an initial look and can’t see any problems at all with the app and can watch the movies on our iPad with no issues apparent. However, we have noted Internet discussions about this, with some wondering if this app is safe to use. There have been warnings about using copycat apps and PC Advisor said it was unclear if the original app was malicious or not.

You can read the full article at the above link, which advises that if an app seems to good to be true then it probably is. We can only say though, that on our early experiences with the app downloaded direct from GappCenter, it appears to be plain sailing. However, with the above in mind we cannot recommend you try it, although of course the choice is yours.

We’d really like to hear from readers about this. If you have already tried downloading the iOS Cartoon HD app from the GappCenter website, have you noticed any problems at all? Are you tempted to try it out for yourself? Let us know with your comments.


42 thoughts on “Cartoon HD app for iOS suggested route and caution”

  1. pennie says:

    i’ve had it since it was on the app store with no problems at all my kids have watched a lot of movies on the app and only one didn’t work properly i haven’t noticed it interfering with anything else on my ipad . so works great for us

  2. neil isted says:

    Personally not sure if I trust it yet! While downloading/installing I notice that FACEBOOK app AND FACEBOOK mesanger were also being ‘altered’/updated by updates which were not available before downloading the Cartoon HD app..

    Like I say, am not sure about this so have changed my FB login details after noticing this just to be sure, I also deleted the ‘altered’ FB & mesanger apps & re downloaded them from the official app store just to be sure 😉

    1. MrDiscoChimp says:

      Same page as the article suggests for the iOS download. It downloads apk file direct to the device.

      I’m firmly in the “if it seems too good to be true it probably is” camp though, so proceed with caution.

  3. Singlec says:

    Downloaded app for free months ago. Tonight when I go on it tells me no longer going to be supported and asks me to download again. No app in App Store – no surprise- if I click on ok it installs another cartoon had app button (or whatever u call it) looks identical to the first. When I go to open it asks me if I’m sure I want to? Haven’t opened – anyone else had similar?

    1. AllSmiles says:

      Had the same pop up, i haven’t downloaded it yet. I have however been using the iExplorer app for my mac to transfer and save my downloaded cartoon hd films to my computer. I would love to know if the new download is safe.

    2. jANINE says:

      I think I had the same thing, certainly was told to update and got a secondary app tile on my phone… have been using that to watch films (which incidently seem to have got even better selections than before) for about a week now and no problems whatsoever

  4. roxybc says:

    I got the same message as you AllSmiles & Singlec. I was hesitant to open the second icon after it installed on my ipad, but reluctantly opened it and have been using it. There are even more movie selections now, and just last night I noticed the entire serious (seasons 1-4) of Game of Thrones were available! I have been having problems when trying to download movies though (no issues with streaming so far). In some cases when I try and download a movie there appears to be an error, although I do not get an error message. The error is only apparent after viewing the download progress page where you then see the progress bar as 100% but the file size numbers associated with the download are going crazy and constantly moving really quickly. I have to click delete to get rid of the download, and that’s when the error message appears. In some cases I can go back and download as normal again, but other times the same thing happens. I had tried to download a movie the other day and got this error, but then yesterday tried again and the movie instantly downloaded and appeared on my screen. Strange! I used the app yesterday, but have got on the train and tried to open the app this morning to use, and it’s not even opening. It opens for a split second, before automatically closing again. I’ve restarted my ipad and still get this error. Am a bit suspicious now, and will probably delete, but will miss all those free movies!

  5. M3191 says:

    Same issue as roxybc, had this app fine for a couple of months and it was wonderful, then a few days ago I installed the ‘in app’ prompted for update, it’s now broken twice after re installation. When I open the app it lasts no more than a few seconds before closing down. I have noticed when I close the running program the screenshot seems to have the same image regardless of how many times I open it. I’ve tried turning off and on and resetting it to no avail, the only fix I’ve found so far is to reinstall the app, this did however last one episode of GoT before breaking again.

    1. Declan Billington says:

      Check that when you open the app your wifi connection is on and that your internet speed is working normally the same happened to me but I later found that this was the case

  6. Scuba-Steve says:

    Please can somebody tell me if the Cartoon HD app works abroad over WIFI. I live in the UK and will be travelling to cyprus this week withe family (cartoon HD would be my personal babysitter). I’m only asking as Sky Go doesn’t work abroad.
    Thanks guys.

  7. Mike_in_Letcombe says:

    Works fine for me, some great films so surprised it is still totally free, although I now notice they have a ‘donate’ page as well – might well consider this as it would be a shame to see this app go. By the way Scuba-Steve; just install a VPN onto your iPad, based in the UK. Then you can watch whatever you want whilst abroad, such as iPlayer or Sky Go, by enabling the VPN. This makes the apps believe you are still in the UK and it also gives you massive protection on your iPad / iPhone whilst on ‘public’ wi-fi (especially abroad!). My VPN costs me £1.99 per month and lets me use it on 9 different devices, so wifes iPad is covered too.

  8. James says:

    Could it contain some kind of Trojan / key logger ? I don’t really want to use my banking app on my iPad anymore .. Haven’t had any noticeable problems though

  9. graham wells says:

    I have had this app about 3months now with no problems whatsoever it can’t be legal to show movies that are still in the cinemas but it’s great recommended it to everyone I love it and use it for 2-3hours every day

  10. Nauta says:

    Watch on ipad and son streams from his phone to Apple TV. Seems good. We don’t download though,
    Also use couch tuner which is more of a faff but they do some great shows.

  11. Nehemiah Hennore says:

    Can someone please help me in finding another download link for this app, since it appears that gappcenter has been flagged

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